Join in on the Bathroom Renovation Revolution

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All over the United States, there is a trend that is sweeping the nation. With every booking of a contractor to do a home remodel, there is a bathroom contractor being employed to overhaul a bathroom design that no longer fits the bill. In a survey conducted by the National Association of Homebuilders, 78% of all renovations done are remodels of bathrooms, making it the most requested job.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, it is very clear that homeowners want something more up to date, even if the design is not in the contemporary style. Especially in the master bathroom, homeowners are looking to their bathroom contractor to give them a new style, a change from what they had previously.

For many homeowners, the bathroom remodel that they are having done is a much needed one. Almost three-quarters of all homeowners who are overhauling their bathrooms are renovating a bathroom that was last redone at least 16 years ago. In many homes, the bathroom is the one room in the house that gets the most use, and that can mean a good deal of wear and tear.

Every year, there are new technologies that are hitting the market when it comes to bathroom features and fixtures. Tubs and showers are constantly being redone to reflect not only a change of style but also a practicality of purpose. People want to be able to luxuriate in the biggest tub the can fit into their bathroom space. For many master bathrooms, bathroom contractors are sometimes knocking down walls and reconfiguring the living space in the bedroom to accommodate bigger bathtubs.

Tubs are not the only features in master bathrooms and regular bathrooms that are part of the overhauls being done today. Showers are being redone as well. The newest showers offer a variety of features to homeowners who are looking to change things up from the way they used to be. Many new showers can be equipped with multiple showerheads, having a his and hers situation where there used to be room for only one showerhead. With just a little bit of reconfiguring and some minor adjustments, the entire showering experience can be made completely new.

The fixtures and the placement of the tubs and showers aren’t the only things involved in bathroom renovations. Very often, a change in the type of tiles being used can do wonders for the look of a bathroom. A bathroom contractor who is working with a quality designer or who might be a quality designer herself might change the aesthetic of the room by designing the tiles, the look of the walls, and the fixtures throughout the entire room, making it almost unrecognizable when the remodel is finished.

No matter what the bathroom remodel might look like when all is said and done, what matters the most to the homeowner is going to be the way it functions. If it is not saving money on water bills and making the experience in the bathroom a more practical and pleasant one, then the remodel is most likely not going to be viewed as a success.

The bathroom is, in many ways, the most important room in any house. Especially when it comes to the master bathroom, there is no need for a comfortable experience in a room that is filled with modern conveniences and practical fixtures. Everyone wants to have their own personality show up in the design of a bathroom, but in the end, if it isn’t comfortable, then why bother.

If 16 years or more have gone by since you last remodeled your bathroom, it might be high time to give a bathroom contractor a call to schedule a design session. In very little time, your bathroom could go from a place in your home that you rarely want to spend any time in to a place you don’t want to leave. Join the bathroom renovation revolution today. You will very likely be so glad you did.

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