Make the Most of Your Home’s Lighting Design

Bowery lights

Many people wait for years in order to be ready to purchase their first home. They save and shop around. They engage a realtor to help them find the perfect place that will fit within their budget and finally when the time is just right, the make an offer. When the right offer gets accepted and the deal is finalized, the new owners will move in and begin the decorating process.

One of the first and most important aspects of decorating a home is getting furniture that complements your home and your personality. Furniture is extremely important but simply getting the right furniture does not make the decorating of your new home complete. No home’s decorating process os complete without the proper lighting design and setup.

When it comes to the interior of a home, there are three basic types of lighting. Ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting all contribute to making interior lighting a very special part of the whole decorating design. No matter which type of lighting you choose, there are many different companies that produce the kind of contemporary lighting fixtures that can perfectly accentuate the design of your home.

, founded in Spain over 30 years ago, creates very high-quality lighting designs. They offer a wide variety of sconces, different kinds of table lamps, ceiling lights, pendants and floor lamps. Estiluz is always a place you can count on for contemporary style and character.

George Kovac lighting, especially George Kovacs bathroom lighting, offers a contemporary style that is also very conscious of energy efficiency. When it comes to the energy usage in a home, lighting accounts for about 7 to 10% of the total energy usage. Many of the modern designs are moving toward much more energy conscious and energy efficient designs, whether it be modern recessed lighting or a Hunter Kensington ceiling fan.

The use of fluorescent bulbs is up to five times more efficient than the use of the older incandescent or halogen bulbs. When you are decorating your home or redoing the home you already have, it isn’t enough to simply replace the appliances in the kitchen and bathroom or replace the older furniture with newer models.

Lighting a home properly is one of the most effective things you can do to achieve the kind of comfortable, calm, and inviting setting you have always dreamed of having when you dreamt about having a home of your own.

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