Why Scheduling Your AC Inspection Now is a Smart Decision

Have you been running your air conditioning unit all summer? If you live in any part of the country that gets extremely hot or humid temperatures during the summer months, the coming fall cooler weather is probably welcomed. Now that you have had a chance to reduce the air settings, it is time to schedule […]

Top 3 Reasons to Remodel a Bathrooom

People use their bathroom multiple times every day. They go, wash, leave, and repeat. When is the last time you really looked at your bathroom? Maybe it is time for bathroom remodeling. You can get rid of the bad linoleum, the ugly colors, the fixtures that leak, and get a bathroom that everyone will notice. […]

When Was the Last Time That Your AC Was Inspected?

Fortunately, the problem was simply lack of power. When you had to make a call for an emergency AC repair, you feared the worst. The fact that you had a service agreement, though, meant that you would not have to pay the entire $99 service call fee. Instead, you would only pay $79 and you […]