When Was the Last Time That Your AC Was Inspected?

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Fortunately, the problem was simply lack of power.
When you had to make a call for an emergency AC repair, you feared the worst. The fact that you had a service agreement, though, meant that you would not have to pay the entire $99 service call fee. Instead, you would only pay $79 and you would receive a 15% discount on parts and labor for any work that needs to be done. After the initial inspection, the emergency ac repair service representative said that the outside unit was not getting power and that was why it was not running. A few minutes later, the repairman reported that there was a tripped circuit in the basement. The circuit was unmarked, but it only took a few more minutes to discover the tripped circuit was the only problem.
With the advice to change the air filters every month, instead of every three months, when the air conditioner is running this frequently the emergency AC repair man handed you the $79 bill and you gave a heavy sigh of relief.
Residential Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Is Big Business in the Summer
Whether you are a home owner or the manager of a large apartment complex, you know that it pays to consistently service AC units. Without proper maintenance, for instance, it is impossible to keep units running on the hottest of summer days. Even with the best AC maintenance, however, problems can happen, but if you have the right kind of contract you can at least get a break on the needed parts and labor.
Nearly 66% of all Americans have air conditioning. And while the most current AC models are so efficient that they use use about 50% less energy than in 1990, many home owners are still nursing along much older models. The fact that so many homes have older models means that the AC repair business is both busy and profitable.
Consider some of these other statistics about the emergency AC repair business:

  • Keeping your home comfortable is the goal during the hottest months of the summer. Without an efficiently working air conditioner this goal is impossible to reach.
  • Estimates indicate that duct leaks can sap 20% to 40% of the energy out of even an air conditioner that is working well.
  • Efficient HVAC systems require maintenance twice a year inspections.
  • People make the decision to upgrade their inefficient heating and cooling systems so that they can have a more reliable and energy efficient system that will add both comfort and value to a home.
  • Improper HVAC installation can decrease a home?s heating and cooling efficiency by as much as 30%.
  • Not every place in the U.S. requires air conditioning, but in the state of Alabama, for instance, the average summer temperature is in the 90s.
  • Getting a whole house check is important whenever you suspect AC leaks. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic research, 93% of chronic sinus infections are attributed to mold.

  • Companies that provide service contracts often offer incentives that make needed repairs and parts more affordable.
  • One to three months is the typical length of time that a HVAC system filter needs to be changed, according to Energystar.gov.
  • On the hottest day of the year, when your air conditioning unit quits working, you are going to wish that you had taken the time to make sure that you had payed for the annual service contract.
  • Literature published by the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that 100% of all types of mold have the potential to cause some health effects. These effects can range from being very minor to severe and even death in some rare cases.

As the last few months of summer click on by, KEEPING COOL is a major priority. Make sure that you schedule your regular twice a year service checks to make sure that you have the comfort you need on the hottest of days. When something goes wrong it is important to make sure that you deal with the problems as soon as possible to avoid any more damage.
Are you ready to enjoy the last days of summer? Is your home AC unit ready to keep you cool and comfortable? If your AC has been running non stop, maybe it is time for a service repair check or a filter change.

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