Kitchen and Bathroom Updates Add Value to Your Existing Home

You have been given free reign! When you husband announced that you could do what you wanted with the kitchen remodel, you wasted no time. With a computer board full of glass tile designs, subway wall tiles, wood flooring ideas, and kitchen cupboard finishes, the problem was not going to be in finding ideas. The […]

Learn the Benefits of a Commerical Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the biggest complaints in the workplace as many employees feel there is not enough lighting in the office area or the lighting is too harsh and unnatural. A recent study confirmed these complaints by running a trial with windows in offices and found the employees were overall happier, healthier, and slept […]

What You Need To Know About Radon

Most of us are aware of cancer. We understand the dangers of it and how scary it can be. However, we tend to have only a vague understanding of what can lead to cancer, and what we should do to help prevent it. It never seems to help that there are so many myths regarding […]

Save Time Moving With These Moving Tips

Most people experience moving at some point in their lives. Others move so frequently that it becomes normal to them. Regardless of how often you have moved from one location to another, moving is a lot of work. It requires planning, physical labor, and organization. Without carefully planning your move, everything will seem hectic and […]

5 Tips for Completing that DIY Bathroom Renovation Project on Your Own

DIY home projects can be especially rewarding and educational. Every project you complete within your home increases your renovation experience. As you begin your bathroom remodel project, keep these remodel tips in mind. The bathroom DIY project can be time consuming, confusing, and can bring up a lot of unexpected projects. If you are prepared […]