Want To Have a Unique Landscaping? Try Stamped Concrete

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Bored with how your driveway looks like? What about the flooring on your patio? Well, if your pool deck, interior floors, walkways and all the other surfaces in your house doesn’t have a welcoming appeal, you can relax and it’s all thanks to creative stamped concrete concepts. But wait! Do you know what a stamped concrete is? A stamped concrete, also referred to as patterned concrete, is a type of floor finish that uses stamps to imprint concrete. The idea is to create concrete that resembles natural slate, tile, stone, bricks, wood planks and much more.

Stamps concepts have increasingly become popular in construction and remodeling projects due to their wide range of designs. Whether you want to renovate your existing concrete slab or make a new one, stamp patterns can be used as a concrete overlay or an imprint to mimic authentic building materials. This concept works well to improve the look of your indoor or outdoor floor spaces with an enchanting visual appeal.

There are several stamped concrete concepts that come in an array of colors and patterns for your specific floor need. This decorative concrete can also be designed to seamlessly blend with building material you have in your house for a more personal touch. For maximum productivity, stamped concrete is secured with a special product that has UV properties to protect t against color fading. In addition, it also features an acrylic protectant surface to guard against scratches and chips. Below are some of the benefits of concrete stamping.

Unlimited concrete pattern and colors
Since the concrete is poured on a surface, it has the ability to be stamped in various patterns, giving you a pool of options. On top of that, different color options are available to match with the surrounding theme in your house.

The wide selection of stamped concrete concepts guarantees you a longevity in beauty and service. Decorative concrete is also easy to maintain. But due to temperature changes, it can develop cracks over time. Taking care of this major investment means hat you have to reseal your stamped concrete every 2-3 years. On average, a 5-gallon pail of sealer will be enough to cover about 1,000 square feet. Besides, experts recommend proper surface preparation so that your stamped concrete will not develop cracks and can serve you for many years.

Cost Effective
The process of giving a concrete a more natural look is often not easy. It requires a lot of preparation and manpower than the traditional concrete designs. High level of experience is also required in this process to make sure the end product turns out perfectly. For these reasons, you can say that stamped concrete is expensive but in reality, the process of installing authentic materials like stone, brick, and other interlocking pavers is much more expensive. Furthermore, the wide selection of stamped concrete concepts gives you budget-friendly options that you can find very affordable.

Finally, you can request personalized stamps that feature customized logos, patterns, shapes and figures. It’s also important that you talk to a professional who’ll guide help you make an informed decision on the best-stamped concrete to install in your house.

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