How to Remodel Your Space Efficiently and Effectively On a Budget!

The list of improvements most homeowners want to make to their homes or apartments is usually a long one, unless you’ve designed every last detail yourself. In many cases, the rooms you find yourself most frustrated with may be the kitchens and the bathrooms. This makes sense of course — they’re the rooms we spend […]

5 Features of Fibertech’s Rolling Laundry Carts that Will Make Your Life Easier

At Fibertech, we work hard to provide our customers with excellent customer service and high quality products that help them get their jobs done easier and more efficiently. One of our most popular items is our rolling laundry carts. The laundry cart on wheels helps cleaning services, hospitals, hotels, schools, and various other organizations transport […]

3 Reasons Beach Living is Better Than Living Anywhere Else

According to Forbes, approximately 1.5 million new housing units need to be built every single year to accommodate the population growth. With all the technology and opportunity we have available to us today, we have the option to live anywhere we want! Regardless if you’re a single bachelor, a retired couple, or newlyweds with kids […]

Avoid Terrazzo Restoration and Polishing

There are so many different flooring options these days; homeowners go way beyond the traditional carpet, wood or tile. Even within those three categories, the number of options has exploded. Over recent years the preference for hard floors over carpeting has grown. In 2011 alone, nearly two-thirds of all flooring jobs were for hard materials. […]

Finding the Right Commercial Hose

One of the most important substances on the planet covers a hefty 70% of the earth’s surface and makes up around 60% of the human body. Water is crucial to our everyday lives and crucial in sustaining our species along with most of the other species on this planet. But aside from staying hydrated, humans […]