Finding the Right Commercial Hose


One of the most important substances on the planet covers a hefty 70% of the earth’s surface and makes up around 60% of the human body. Water is crucial to our everyday lives and crucial in sustaining our species along with most of the other species on this planet. But aside from staying hydrated, humans use significantly large quantities of water for several other functions as well. And to make this use easier and more efficient, the development of hoses and the continued improvement over time in function and design has been critical to our water usage.

From home garden hoses to commercial water hoses
Just about anywhere you look, there is a potential need for water. And hoses are used in so many of these different places. One obvious need for a heavy duty commercial hose is in the firefighting business, where quick access to water with immense force and power is paramount. The many different uses of commercial hoses for the distribution and use of water are quite varied, and so the many different types of hoses need to vary as well. From use in restaurant kitchens to complex sprinkler hoses for farming purposes, commercial hoses are needed in many fields, and are manufactured to meet specific professional demands.

Specifications for your watering project

There are multiple reasons your home or business may be in need of at least one hose, and you may not have considered that necessity. Having a hose available makes getting the job done so much easier. As you might expect, the diameter of the hose has a direct impact on the amount of water that is delivered through it at a time. But what you may not realize is just how much more. The difference of just one quarter of an inch could mean three times more water being delivered at a time, cutting down the time that is needed to water your project. Each project, of course, requires varying amounts of water, depending on what exactly the project is.

Different reasons you might need a hose

The many different instances that hoses can be used to wash or water are nearly endless. Just a few of them would be for landscaping purposes, construction work, and in the boating or food service industry.

    Hose uses

  • Landscaping use
    Whether you are doing professional landscaping, or you are just trying to spruce up your home garden, the right hose will make a big difference. Those beautiful flowers and the carefully manicured lawn need water in order to do their best at brightening the space. Most garden hoses can be bought at a variety of different lengths, from 25 feet all the way up to 100 feet.
  • Construction and other industrial use
    There are plenty of different types of construction projects but just about all of them are going to require the use of water at some point. Whether for filling, mixing, or cleaning, your hose will need to be able to stand up to the task at hand.
  • Commercial boating use

    Hoses used in professional boating scenarios could be for washing the deck after hauling in a large amount of fish, or for filling the important fresh water tank. For all boating use, you will probably want to find a hose that is appropriately certified for potable water, or the water you will use for drinking or food preparation. These hoses are typically anywhere in length from 10 feet to 50 feet.
  • Restaurant services use
    Any time you have water involved in food preparation, you need to be sure that it is not only suitable for consumption but for sanitation and cleaning as well. Hoses that are capable of dispensing water that has a high temperature are necessary in this business.

Whatever your hose needs may be, there is likely the perfect fit. Just keep in mind that everyone needs water, and to waste it is to harm not only the earth and the valuable resource itself, but also your fellow human beings.

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