Are You Getting Ready to Select Flooring for Your New Home or Remodel?

Going from a kitchen design that used a medium stained, narrow planked maple floor to a very lightly stained ash floor with wide planks was a major adjustment. The new kitchen design, however, looked great. The dark stain on the maple cabinets combined with the painted white wood of the kitchen island helped tie the […]

Propane Provides Save, Efficient, and Affordable Energy Solutions

It is fun to be the house where everyone gathers. Once your children are in high school, it is especially nice to be the house where the kids end up on summer nights and weekends during the school year. Instead of worrying and wondering where their own children are, many parents prefer that their high […]

Five Secrets for Creating a Lawn That Your Neighbors are Envious Of

If this is your first time attempting landscape design, you might feel like you’re trying to take a sip of water from a fire hydrant. Especially if you have grand plans or a large lawn, designing your landscape can be a huge undertaking. We want to save you as many tears and headaches as possible, […]