Avoid Terrazzo Restoration and Polishing

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There are so many different flooring options these days; homeowners go way beyond the traditional carpet, wood or tile. Even within those three categories, the number of options has exploded. Over recent years the preference for hard floors over carpeting has grown. In 2011 alone, nearly two-thirds of all flooring jobs were for hard materials.

According to a recent survey, 95% of consumers prefer hardwood floors for the common living areas. While over 50% prefer hardwood for the bedrooms. Ceramic tile is also a popular choice. However, there are so many other options in hard flooring a lot of people are trying new things and going beyond the traditional options.

One newer option is terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo is a thin surface made of a mix of epoxy resin and colored chips. The mixture is poured onto the slab flooring in a layer between 1/4 and 3/8 of an inch thick. Once the terrazzo dries, it provides a very hard smooth surface.

After the initial installation, terrazzo restoration and polishing is a relatively easy job for an experienced contractor. Terrazzo floors cost roughly $7 to $10 per square foot. Joints should be at three to four-foot intervals in both directions. Ensuring proper installation is a sure-fire way to avoid a frequent need for terrazzo restoration and polishing.

Terrazzo floors actually aren’t new. Despite their new popularity, they date back over 1500 years. A terrazzo floor that incorporates all recycled glass aggregate can contain as much as 75% recycled raw material by volume.

Terrazzo is very durable and washes easily. Tile cleaning is an important part of upkeep and will help it last longer. If you need tile restoration, it is important to contract a professional with experience in terrazzo restoration and polishing. A professional will ensure the floor is restored properly.

Terrazzo floor polishing will keep the floor looking smooth and shiny, which will help bring out the colors. Terrazzo flooring can be very impressive and beautiful if installed correctly and well maintained. They are ideal for garages, indoor patios, basements, eve kitchens. Anywhere you need a beautiful smooth finish over a concrete slab.

Terrazzo takes time to dry and walking over the flooring before it is completely hardened will damage it. It is important to have it installed by a professional to ensure the correct thickness is applied and the floor comes out smoothly. Correcting an uneven floor or a floor with dips will be more work than simply making sure it is installed correctly the first time.

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