5 Features of Fibertech’s Rolling Laundry Carts that Will Make Your Life Easier

rolling laundry cartsAt Fibertech, we work hard to provide our customers with excellent customer service and high quality products that help them get their jobs done easier and more efficiently. One of our most popular items is our rolling laundry carts. The laundry cart on wheels helps cleaning services, hospitals, hotels, schools, and various other organizations transport clothes and materials from one place to another with ease.

As with all of our products, our rolling laundry carts are made through the rotational molding, or rotomolding, process. This unique four-stage process involves heat instead of pressure.

The textile business is a large one in the United States. About 15 billion pounds of laundry are processed in the industry every year, according to the TRSA. Most experts believe the industry will only continue to grow. In fact, about 75% of industry managers in the commercial laundry industry said that business in their sector would improve in the 12 months from May 2014.

With respect to those workers, here are a few features of our rolling laundry carts with wheels that will make life easier and work more enjoyable.

  1. Lids and Door Options: All of our rolling laundry carts have the option to include doors and/or lids that will protect the contents from anything going on outside. For instance, you could push a cart from one building to another in a rainstorm without getting the material wet.
  2. Rust Proof: All of our laundry carts are also rust-proof and noncorrosive. That means not only can you push it through that rainstorm all you want, but you also don’t have to worry about rust flakes getting mixed into your materials inside.
  3. Rigid and Swivel Wheels: The rolling laundry carts we produce come standard with two rigid and two swivel industrial casters. If you’ve ever struggled to maneuver a grocery cart, then you know what we’re talking about. This design allows for much easier mobility in any direction. No more fighting with the cart to try and get it to go the way you want!
  4. Holes: Hand holes and drain holes are two of our favorite features. Hand holes contribute to the ease with which these carts can be moved, and the drain holes are invaluable to cleaning up the carts themselves. Simply hose them down and let the water leak right out.
  5. Color Options: Ok, this may not make anyone’s life easier, but it is a nice perk! Choose from a variety of custom colors to suit your preference, company logo, or overall theme.

As the laundry and textile industries continue to grow, we hope to continue to develop and innovate new products and features to help workers. These are just some of the steps we’ve already taken, but keep coming back to find out what we roll out next.

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