Why a Rented Condo Might be the Right Choice for You This year

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Are you trying to rent a townhome in 2016? There are certainly many advantages to doing so. Although many people might consider owning a home as the quintessential ?American dream,? there are a number of reasons that townhomes for rent are the dream for today. Let?s review.

Homeownership Doesn?t Make Sense for Elderly Homeowners

Although owning a home can be pleasurable while you are raising a family, in your retirement years it can start to be a hassle more often than not. Upkeep can be difficult to maintain over the years, and there are many routine jobs that can become dangerous over the years (think cleaning the gutters, etc). If you?re getting too old to mow the lawn every Sunday, then renting might be right for you.

Student Loans are Making Home Ownership Difficult

If you?re like the average American, who has over $10,000 in student debt, then you?ve likely considered how this will affect your future ability to own a home. It can be difficult to balance a mortgage while dealing with student loans — and the rates you get won?t be as good, accordingly. For many people, it just makes more sense to look into condos for rent for this reason.

People Want to Move Around

You get your dream job offer in the next city over, and you?d love to take it — but you have no idea how long it will take to sell your home, or how much you?re going to get offered for it. Homeownership can make sense when you don?t plan to move for a long time, but for people who want to be able to move around depending on opportunity, going through all the trouble to establish yourself — and pay all the fees — just doesn?t make sense.

You Want to Invest Your Money

It?s true that homes are an investment. However, when you rent a townhome, you can use the money you don?t spend on owning a home and invest it in the stock market. Over a period of 20 years, you?ll make more interest on stocks than you will on a home, on average.

Townhomes are Less Financial Risk

What happens if your sink stops working? If you own a home, it could be a $300 plumbing bill — or it could be $1,000 in new sewage lines beneath your home. If you rent a townhome, though, your bill is likely to be a total of zero dollars, because it?s your landlord?s problem to deal with.

So what do you think — will you rent a condo this year, or buy a home? Let us know your thoughts. Find out more at this site.

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