5 Reasons to Own a Clothes Dryer

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A couple years ago my dryer broke down. I never found out exactly what was wrong but it was going to cost me way to much money on dryer repairs because I had just had to undergo some oven repairs so I thought I would dry my clothes the old fashioned way; on a line. Repairs are expensive and a hassle right? No matter if it’s washing machine repairs or dishwasher repairs or some other kind of appliance. Refrigerator repairs are probably the worst because you have to find somewhere to put all your food when it breaks down and while it’s being fixed. However, I found out very quickly that the worst kind of repair is the one you need right now. Having a dryer out of the running was awful. It saved money on the electricity bill but it certainly did not save any time. Here are some advantages to having a clothes dryer that I found out when I needed dryer repair done.

  1. Time Factor
    Many people procrastinate on laundry until the last minute. You can’t do that if you don’t have a dryer. You have to think at least a few hours ahead so if you live a fast paced life, line drying your clothes isn’t going to work out very well for you. The great thing bout a dryer is you can throw your wet clothes in and within 15 minutes, they’ll be at least wearable, depending on the size of the load you throw in the dryer.

  2. HOA Regulations
    Even if you think line drying is a great idea, you may want to check with your community’s Homeowner Association. There are certain neighborhoods that aren’t even allowed to hang their clothes outside. You could opt for a clothes horse and hang your wet clothes inside but this will cause a lot of moisture build up in your home. If you do decide on the clothes horse, make sure that your exhaust fans and ventilation are working properly in order to keep your house free from mildew, humidity and even mold. If you need dryer repairs, it’s best to get it done right away if your HOA forbids hanging otherwise you may have to go to a laundromat.

  3. Space Saver
    Hanging clothes all over the place can be a hassle. If you live in a smaller home, then having clothes hanging inside and outside, if you’re allowed can take up a lot of room. Plus, they have to be there for hours at a time which can make the home feel very cluttered and full. Most people always have a cycle of laundry going so you might end up with clothes hanging around the place all the time. That can get irritating very quickly, especially if you like to keep a clean home.

  4. Stiff Verses Soft
    While it is thought that dryers take the softness out of clothes, you will find that your clothes will be a lot stiffer after having been hung up. For some reason, they feel almost brittle. After getting clothes out of the dryer, they feel warm and cuddly and soft, especially if you use dryer sheets. If you choose not to use dryer sheets, try washing your clothes with vinegar in the clothes softener cycle instead of the regular stuff. Once the clothes are dried in a dryer they will come out just as soft as dryer sheets can make them but without the static.

  5. Wrinkle Free Zone
    If you hate ironing, running your clothes through a dryer cycle can get the wrinkles out just as well. If your item of clothing is particularly wrinkled, you can put it in the dryer with a damp towel and the steam from the towel will actual get the hard wrinkles out. You may never have to use an iron again if you don’t care about having defined lines in your clothes. Dress pants that have the creases in the front may still need to be pressed but everything else should do just fine in the dryer.

Having a dryer is a huge convenience. It may not be a necessity but it definitely makes life a lot easier. So, get those dryer repairs done as soon as possible and get back to the easy life!

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