6 Top Types of Materials Used in Roofing

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Replacing the tops and sides of your home can sound like a big job. Hiring siding contractors and roof installers are all apart of the process if you want to maintain your home. However, if you hire the right siding contractors and roofing contractors then you will have a much easier time as well as paying less and getting the work done in a shorter amount of time. If all you need to do is roof repairs then you will not need a siding contractor. Repairing a roof can be done without replacing the sides of your home. Here are some of the most popular roofing shingles that residents prefer for their homes.

  1. Asphalt
    This is the number one most common roof for residential properties. They are very economical and pretty simple to install as well, although you should always call in a professional to replace your roof. The shingles are typically reinforced with either fiberglass or cellulose which is an organic material and the shingles don’t change in appearance at all. Asphalt comes in a lot of different colors and is readily available but it does tend to have a shorter life than other kinds of materials. Also, it does not provide insulation quite as well as some other options.

  2. Clay
    Clay as well as concrete can make a home look very elegant and give it a lot of character and texture. These tiles are very strong and durable. They tend to last a very long time and are not combustible. Concrete is cheaper than clay but both types are pretty expensive and very heavy. You may want to also put up additional framing if you are planning on going with a clay or concrete roof.

  3. Metal
    The advantages of metal roofing are its strength and durability but also that it offers a high amount of solar reflecting which is very energy efficient. You can get a metal roof in either panels or shingles and the material ranges from aluminum to copper to stainless steel and zinc. However, metal roofing is pretty expensive compared so some of the other types of material that are on the market.

  4. Slate
    Slate is actually a lot prettier than it sounds. Many people install slate slats for their roof because of the beauty and unique look that they offer. They come in black, green, gray, red or purple as well as other colors. Slate is fire resistant and can even be recycled, if you care about that kind of thing. However, it does tend to be very heavy and need extra framing in order to be installed properly.

  5. Wood
    Homeowners tend to really like the look of wood shingles. However, wood shingles make it very easy to catch the home on fire and are not even allowed in some places because of this. They have to be treated with a fire resistant coating. Other than that, wood tends to swell and go down depending on the weather and humidity. It is also prone to mold or rot and termites.

  6. Synthetic
    Rubber, plastic and polymer are becoming increasingly popular because they have been made in such a way that the color, look and design has become so much more pleasing to the eye. They are made to be very wrong and require little maintenance. Synthetic roofing is not nearly as heavy or expensive or even fragile as some of your other options but it does tend to absorb water sometimes.

If you do choose to hire your roofing and siding contractors at the same time in order for them to work together on your house, you will want to pick a material for your roof that works with the sides as well. It can be a lot easier to get everything done at the same time so that you don’t have construction going on around your home for forever but at the same time, roofers will need to take care not to ruin the siding workers job and the siding workers need to respect the roof. There should be no competition, everyone should get on great and split the work. Having a new roof and new sides to your home can give you such a peace of mind that you’ve never felt before.

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