How to Reduce to Energy Bill

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With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your air conditioning. For those of us that live in a hot climate, the air conditioning may have already been on for a little bit now. If you’ve been keeping up on our air conditioning maintenance then you likely have already had an air conditioning company service man out to give the old unit a once over before you crank up it’s usage. If you haven’t, that should be number one on your list of things to do this month. Otherwise you may be looking at air conditioning repair smack dab in the middle of summer and that won’t be fun for anyone. Getting your air conditioning serviced by an air conditioning company is not only necessary for the function and performance of your AC unit but it can save you money. The less your unit has to work in order to blow out cool air, the cheaper your bill will be. If you have parts malfunctioning, it will be working overtime in order to release the air which will in turn, cost you more money. Let’s look at some other ways you can save money on your bill.

Change the filters
This is an extremely easy tip that is overlooked so many times. Filters need to be changed out at least every three months. If you have a pet you may want to change them every month. The way that most ac units work is that it will take in the old air and either expel it to an outside vent and take in fresh air, push it through the filters and cooler so clean, cold air is emitted into your home; or it will cycle the old air through the filters and cooler to clean it out and push it back in the home, almost like a recycling method. Either method makes great use of those filters and if they are filled with dust and dirt, they won’t be very efficient and you could be letting a lot of that stuff back into the home. If you replace you filters regularly, you’ll know a huge improvement for the allergy sufferers in your home.

Be Reasonable
You may prefer your home to be kept at 62 degrees but chances are, no one else in the home is happy with that and really, your unit isn’t agreeing to this either. There is such a thing as freezing out your HVAC unit. Air conditioning companies suggest keeping your temperature at 74 degrees when you are home, 78 when you are not and 84 when you are out of town. This are extremely reasonable temperatures. If you really want it cooler than that then get some fans to circulate the air better in your personal space. However, our bodies to acclimate to the environment around us, so after a few weeks of having the air set to these temperatures, you probably will feel quite comfortable.

Be Efficient
If the time has come to actually purchase a new AC unit, check out your local air conditioning company for an energy efficient unit. They have become quite affordable and will reduce the cost of your monthly energy bill quite a bit. Not to mention how great they are for the environment. You have a few different options to use from, so you’ll want to listen to the advice of the professionals and make sure you get the unit that will cool your house while remaining efficient at the same time. A lot of people simply buy the wrong size air conditioning unit for the type and size of their home. A way to avoid that is to have a professional come to your home and find out the proper measurements so that they can accurately help you in choosing an efficient HVAC unit.

Who doesn’t like saving money on their bills? If you can reduce your monthly expenses in any way, it’s worth it. Sometimes you have to spend a little money to save a little money in the long run. You just have to make sure that you listen to your air conditioning company in order to make the right decisions for your home.

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