Install A Tub With Door For Your Entire Family’s Enjoyment

If you have an elderly, disabled or family member recovering from a debilitating injury living with you, you should explore the option of adding a tub with door to your bathroom. A tub with door is a great alternative to other shower amenities such as no-slip bottoms or grip bars, since they provide an easier way to enter and exit the tub without excessive movements or help. A tub with door can even provide other benefits such as massage therapy for your entire family.

A tub with door can provide many safety options for your bathing needs. The use of the door eliminates the need to step over a tub wall, making entering and exiting the tub much easier for older individuals who might need the aid of a walker or wheelchair for mobility. Tubs with doors are equipped with non-slip bottoms and grip bars to help ensure stability and you can also find models that include sturdy shower seats with seat backings to ensure comfort. These additions provide safety benefits to all members of your family and can greatly decrease injury. Your tub with door will also contain a water-tight seal around the edges of the door to eliminate the possibility of water pooling outside the tub. You can also find models that contain scald-proof control valves so you can ensure even temperature bath water.

A tub with door can be customized to create an enjoyable experience for everyone. There are models available that include heated benches and detachable, hand-held shower heads, so you can choose to either soak or shower. Many consumers decide to add whirlpool options and hydro-jets to their tub with door to obtain therapeutic benefits. These jets can provide deep muscle massage and relief from conditions such as arthritis or sports injuries. You can also choose to have your tub lined with an acrylic or gel coating to help prevent the growth of bacteria with repeated use.

Your tub with door can also add to the decorative theme of your bathroom. You can find retailers that offer them in numerous colors and styles and you can even find models that include decorative graphics. Tubs with doors are also relatively affordable and some companies can also offer you financing options to help pay off your tub over time. They can be shipped easily and installed within a day, allowing you to enjoy it right away.

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