10 Home Addition Ideas for Split Level Homes

The beauty of a split level home is the staggered floor levels that open to a living room to the right of the front door. This home style became popular after World War II. Families needed more living space, so they traded their city dwellings for the suburbs. And split level homes remain a popular design today.

The adage, ‘age before beauty,’ could describe the appearance of split level homes needing an immediate home addition. It will give the property a much-needed fresh look. But homeowners must consider the cost before taking on a renovation project. Deciding the type of remodeling done on your split level home will help to set a budget for the work.

Here are ten home addition ideas for split level homes:

1) Adding an Upper Level

Driving through suburban communities, you can get great home addition ideas for split level homes. One of the more popular renovation projects is adding an upper level to an existing home.

From the outside, the split level home will look to have two floors. But upon entry, your guests will see a stairwell that leads to the ground floor. To save cost, hire an interior design contractor who can continue the stairwell path upward. The amount of stairs needed for the top floor is up for debate. It could be a full set or match the number used to separate the main and ground floors. Let the interior design contractor make the final call.

Thus, the entry into the home remains the same. The floor plan doesn’t change as the living room will still be on the right, the dining area on the left, three bedrooms are all lined up in a row, and the kitchen is in the back of the house. A stairwell will lead you to a downstairs level that is home to the family TV & entertainment room and entry to the garage.

The new level could become home to the bedrooms. But speak with your interior design contractor about the number of rooms that could be added upstairs. It might be best to build a master bedroom and one other bedroom on the top floor. Keep one of the ground floor bedrooms intact and turn the other two into a home office.

2) Home Plumbing Remodeling

Any type of home plumbing remodeling with split level homes requires plenty of planning. The plans must show how the plumbing will change in the home. The remodeling process is fairly unique and offers some major challenges for a remodeling plumber. Thankfully, they have a well-thought-out plan.

First, before starting the home addition project for your split level home, ask a remodeling plumber to examine your home’s existing plumbing system. It will help to avoid any piping mishaps that would add more to your final cost.

If they see any signs of corrosion along the system, it is best to replace the entire line. The replacement will remove any threat of unexpected leaks and sewer line connection issues. And all could take place in a home remodeling project.

The cheapest repair option is reconfiguring the new piping to the same side as the home’s original plumbing. It removes all time-consuming attempts at changing the plumbing pathway. Remember, all drain lines (old and new) must conform to local government housing codes.

A remodeling plumber will create a new configuration, which runs parallel to the newly-installed joists. But make sure they do not cut into the joists. Their main purpose is to support the floor’s structure regarding the home’s structure. In older split-level homes, the drainage line runs through the garage. Re-routing this line will cause a delay in the remodeling project. Instead, a remodeling plumber will break ground and tie both lines together.

3) Patio Deck Remodeling

A great addition idea for split level homes is giving the property’s old patio deck a makeover. But, hire a team of outdoor living space contractors to confirm the patio deck has a sound structure before starting the remodeling project. If so, you can replace the deck flooring and railing with modern, low-maintenance materials. All with the hope of giving your home a new look for a lot less money.

Often, the existing patio deck is an eye sore on your property, but it can be salvaged if the structure is deemed sturdy and strong by outdoor living space contractors. They will thoroughly inspect the structure for any hidden fractures that make it unsafe. But you have your contractor apply for a deck building permit before any renovation can begin. Depending on the age of the split level home and the patio deck, a government inspector could come to your home for their structural analysis.

If the patio deck passes, the contractors will tear out and replace all the flooring, railings, stairs, and other accessories. The patio flooring will be replaced by materials made from composite wood. It will give your guests sound footing with no threat of slipping. Plus, the new flooring eliminates any chance of warping occurring following a bad weather season. The contractors will replace the stairs and railings with parts made from cedar wood. It will extend the life of the patio deck by limiting the deterioration process. The treated cedar wood will last for years.

An exterior home remodeling project of this nature will boost the appeal and take decades off the home’s appearance.

4) Replacing the Carpets

Replacing the carpeting throughout the home is the perfect addition to the interior. Look for a new carpet that provides a more modern look. Go with your instincts and refrain from copying what other homeowners have done recently. Consider a fresh color scheme that matches your walls.

In split level homes, you must replace the carpeting on the main floor (living room, dining area, bedrooms, and kitchen), but you must consider if the lower floor is getting a makeover as well. And do not forget the stairwell might have carpeting. Suddenly, this has become a major home addition.

If you have small children running around the home, you may want to consider a textured carpet. It does not have a slick finish, which causes a child to slip and fall. Better footing means fewer mishaps in the home. It is better to have a harmonizing tone throughout the home.

Do not convince yourself to find the ‘perfect’ carpet for your split level home. Unfortunately, that will never happen. Choose a carpet pattern that matches your home interior. You cannot make a home addition that forces you to repaint the home because that is counterproductive.

5) Adding a Sunroom

The biggest negative of owning a split level home is the lack of natural sunlight. Experienced architects feel it is because of the number of walls inside the structure. Depending on the number, the rooms on the main floor come in a row with little space between them.

To gain more sunlight, build a sunroom on the southern-facing side of the split level home. Ideally, you would love the kitchen to be on the southern side of the floor plan. A sunroom is the natural extension of this area. Plus, the entire family can enjoy the new addition because of its versatility. The benefits seem endless.

The biggest benefit of having a sunroom is the savings on each month’s home electrical bill. The ability to have more natural sunlight coming into the home will lessen the need for lamps or a track lighting system.

Hire a custom construction company that has experience in building quality sunrooms. The goal is to fill up the home with natural sunlight that eliminates the need for artificial light. But the extra space will force you to add furniture that creates a quiet environment from the outside. A sunroom offers a place to recharge your battery before taking on another task.

Another reason to consider adding a sunroom is the exterior appearance. The addition will give the impression that the property is larger. You have added more square footage to the home. And the new sunroom will increase the value of the split level home on the open market. The bigger the home, the higher price an owner will receive at closing. The cost of adding a sunroom will have paid for itself.

6) Creating More Kitchen Space

Split level homeowners love upgrading their kitchen space by adding new appliances or more space to fulfill their cooking needs. However, renovation projects of this nature will provide plenty of frustration along the way. But the satisfaction of such an accomplishment at the conclusion is too tempting not to take on.

A complete overhaul will become a pricey endeavor if incorrectly handled. It is wise to hire a custom kitchen designs professional who can assist with defining the look you want to create. They could suggest adding storage space, a wide range of new appliances that fit your cooking style level, or a complete overhaul to the design.

Do not let the logistics of the suggestions deter you from making the necessary changes. If the appliances are outdated, then it is time for a change. It may renew your interest in cooking again.

All additions require some planning before moving forward. You may have to decide where a temporary kitchen will be on the property. Is it best to barbeque every night or create a kitchen in the garage? Try to maintain the current plumbing location. It will keep the final cost down. Most kitchen renovation projects take at least 12 weeks to complete without delay.

7) Replacing the Split Level Home’s Roof

A popular home addition idea for a split-level home is replacing the roof. It should be an area of concern for all homeowners. If left untreated, it could affect the structure of the home. Hiring a local residential roofing company will help determine the options available after they inspect the roof.

Often, roof damage has been caused by extreme weather conditions and normal wear and tear from everyday life. Usually, the lifespan of a roof is 20 years. Replacement lessens the threat of cracked shingles and water leaking into the home. Another growing indicator for replacing the roof is a recent spike in your energy bill each month.

Roof technology has evolved over the years. Contractors have replaced asphalt shingles with corning tiles. The new materials are longer-lasting and energy efficient for better home protection.

8) Repaint Your Split Level Home

The outside of a split level home takes plenty of abuse from the outdoor elements. And over time, you will need to repaint the outside of your home and provide a fresh look for all to see. The difficult part is choosing a color that works well. The popular color with homeowners is an earth-tone look.

It won’t be a challenge for a home addition contractor who specializes in home painting. Also, they can gauge the level of repairs needed to the siding, trim, and gutters before repainting the home. Your contractor will apply at least two coats of paint to the home. Plan for two weeks before the structure is dry. Each repair will give your split-level home a modern, contemporary design.

9) How to Add Siding to Your Split Level Home

Split level homes are beautiful structures that stand out in a neighborhood. The owners love the high ceiling and simple floor plan. But you must modernize your exterior or you will be considered a dinosaur from the 70s.

A great addition idea for your split-level home is placing siding on the exterior features. It will have an impact on the appearance without costing too much money. James Hardie siding contractor loves taking on a challenge and guarantees refreshing the exterior of your home. His staff understands adding too much siding will create an imbalanced, unattractive appearance. Instead, they will replace the old vinyl siding with new wood-based siding that offers energy-efficient features.

10) Replacing Your Garage Doors

Garage doors are the signature design of your split level home. It is the first feature seen by those walking past your property. For large families, the garage is the main entrance to your split level home after being picked up from school activities. No question, your garage door is the focal point of the front of your home.

Updating the design is a priority for a homeowner, as replacing your garage door will provide a contemporary look to the property. Hire a local construction contractor who specializes in replacing garage doors. A popular addition is wooden doors that look like an Old West saloon entrance. Some contractors will add a series of lights on the front or attach a street lamp to the outside of the garage. Each is a wonderful tribute to the home’s style.

Remember, all home addition ideas for split level homes are based on your wish list. When creating such a list, keep an open mind to your budget limits. Still, your choice should transform your split level home into the talk of the neighborhood.

Finally, you may want the family to head out of town for a few days, as the roof replacement process will be loud. Also, warn the neighbors about the project, as it will give them time to plan accordingly.



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