Extreme Deep Cleaning Tips for Every Part of Your Home

When it comes to maintaining your home, extreme deep cleaning is necessary at least twice a year. If you have pets and children in your household, you may need to clean even more frequently, depending on the activity in your home year-round. Knowing a few extreme deep cleaning tips can help you to better prepare for any cleaning tasks you have planned and in mind.

Your Home Office

Maintaining a clean and clutter-free home office is essential to maximize productivity while helping to boost your mood, especially while you are working. When it comes to deep-cleaning your home office, you can begin by throwing away any additional clutter that is no longer necessary in the space. Take time to conduct document shredding to reduce the amount of paperwork you have cluttering up your office, if you keep your paperwork out in the open.

You can also spray keyboards with compressed air to eliminate dust and buildup. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe down all surfaces from your desk to your keyboard, mouse, and monitor. If you’re a pet owner, you may want to invest in a lint roller to take care of lampshades and any other surfaces that have collected dust, lint, and even pet hair over time.

If you have any curtains and blinds in your office, remove them to inspect them. This will allow you to determine if they require a wash or a wipe-down. Wash curtains as directed by any care label included with the curtains themselves. Dust blinds using a duster or by hand, depending on the type of blinds you have in place. Dusting frequently will help you to preserve your office decor and accessories for years to come.

Vacuum any carpets or rugs and wash floors if your office flooring is hardwood, tile, or ceramic. Dusting your computers and any electronics you use regularly will also help to preserve their lifespans. If you dust your office regularly, the deep-cleaning efforts you make will not feel so strenuous.

The Bedrooms

When it comes to extreme deep cleaning, you must clean your bedrooms semi-regularly as a homeowner. Cleaning your bedrooms can begin by de-cluttering and eliminating clothes and accessories or pairs of shoes that you no longer wear or need. Dusting the furniture in your room and vacuuming all carpets and rugs is the first step to completing a deep cleaning. You may also want to rent a steamer to assist in your deep cleaning to eliminate the buildup of debris, dirt, and bacteria. Washing all of your pillows and blankets while also dusting photo frames and decor can go a long way in keeping your bedrooms clean.

extreme deep cleaning

The Kitchen

Extreme deep cleaning is essential if you are someone who cooks in your kitchen frequently. From washing your appliances to cleaning your refrigerator regularly, deep cleaning of the kitchen is imperative at least once a month, especially for those who cook and eat at home. In addition to washing countertops, consider cleaning out cupboards and throwing away expired food in your pantry and refrigerator at least monthly. This may be required more frequently if you cook at home each day.

The Importance of a Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most germ-ridden areas of a home. Maintaining a clean kitchen will minimize the risk of spreading bacteria and pathogens to other members of your household. A clean kitchen will also reduce the risk of a pest infestation requiring the need for professional pest control services.

The Utility Room

While cleaning your home’s utility room may not be high on your list of priorities, it’s important to do so to prevent the room from becoming too dusty or dirty over time. Maintaining the heating oil in your utility room and inspecting your home’s furnace and air filter at least once a month is highly recommended. Removing clutter is essential in a utility room along with keeping the space as clean and clear as possible. Always use cleaning supplies and solutions that are specially designed for the utilities you intend to clean.

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The Garage

Extreme deep cleaning of your garage is a way to prevent clutter from getting out of control, especially if you use your garage space to store boxes, home decor, furniture, and other personal belongings you no longer keep in your home. If you are preparing for an extreme deep cleaning of your garage, you can do so by removing all the items you currently have in the space to clean the floors and walls. Take time to sort your items to determine which of your belongings you intend to keep, sell, donate, or even throw away in the trash.

Sorting items in your garage is the first step to de-cluttering the space. Once you have removed any furnishings and items you no longer want or need, you can then get a better idea of how to formulate the rest of the plan for your garage’s layout once the cleaning process is complete. Invest in storage solutions that are ideal for your garage, especially if your garage flooring is concrete or if you live in an area with extreme climates.

Repair any hazards, such as broken lights or outlets that no longer work. Address the need to seal any cracks that can be found on the exterior or interior of your garage as well as around your interior windows. Reassemble any components of your garage that may be missing or out of place before adding your saved belongings back into the space.

Specialty Equipment

If you’re looking to complete extreme deep cleaning around all areas of the home, you will need to pay attention to any specialty equipment you are also using, such as solar panels. Solar panels are becoming increasingly prevalent in both residential homes and commercial properties alike. When it comes time to clean your solar panels, there are a few ways you can go about getting started.

Cleaning your solar panels is often possible with a traditional soft bristle brush, especially if you are cleaning dried dirt and mud. If you want to rinse any residue after wiping away debris, you can do so with a standard garden hose. Attaching handles and extensions can also help you to clean hard-to-reach areas throughout the solar panels you are using, depending on the type of panels you have installed. If you have major cleaning to do when accessing your solar panels, glass cleaners, and a soap & water solution may be optimal, depending on the type of solar panel you are using.

When to Call the Pros

Calling on professionals to help clean a solar panel you have installed in or around your home is advisable after a major storm or if the debris the panel has accumulated is too much for you to clean on your own. Professional cleaners can help determine the best route to take for your panels, especially if you have a complete solar panel roofing system in place. Additionally, professionals who specialize in cleaning solar items and panels are also experienced in doing so and will get the job done in a timely manner.

Asphalt Roofing

When it comes to extreme deep cleaning, knowing how to properly clean your asphalt roof is essential if you currently have an asphalt roof installed. Because asphalt can heat up extremely quickly, preparing yourself with the right gear is always necessary. Invest in slip-resistant shoes, heat-resistant gloves, goggles, and even long-sleeved jackets to protect yourself from the elements if you intend to go onto your roof alone.

Prior to using any form of cleaning agent, it’s important to take the time to remove large debris from the roof, such as leaves, branches, rocks, dirt, and anything else you may find. Dislodging debris from beneath shingles is also recommended during this stage. If you choose to clean the roof with a traditional cleaning agent, do so with a specially-formulated solution that is specifically designed for asphalt roof solutions.

You can also choose to hire professional roofers and roofing cleaning services near you, depending on where you live and are currently located. Hiring a professional roofing contractor is a way to ensure your asphalt roof is properly cleaned and handled with care. Roofers who specialize in asphalt roofing are also well-versed in how to properly prepare for the cleaning of a roofing job, regardless of how difficult the task may be.

Tile Roofing

Cleaning a tile roof is possible by first ensuring you are properly prepared to access your roof. Obtaining heat-resistant gloves and suitable shoes is crucial before attempting to go on top of your home’s tile roof. Removing debris by hand can be done with the right gloves and proper supervision. Removing large tree branches, algae, lichen, and moss may be possible by hand, but may also require pressure washing or the assistance of professionals.

Benefits of Hiring Roofing Professionals
While in some cases it may be possible to clean a tile roof by hand, hiring local roofing companies can ensure the maintenance of your roof over time. Professional roofers are not only experienced and qualified but they are also certified to work on residential roofs. Reputable companies will also gladly provide proof of licensing and insurance before getting started to provide you with peace of mind, regardless of the amount of cleaning that must be done.

Metal Roofing

Having a home with a metal roof is not much different than owning a home with a standard shingle roof. However, there are different ways to go about maintaining and cleaning a metal roof that you must understand as a homeowner. When it comes to cleaning a metal roof, you will need to do so safely and with the help of an assistant.

If it is hot outside, you will want to avoid touching your metal roof directly. This is best with the use of heat-resistant gloves that are designed for outdoor use. Cleaning off big debris such as leaves and branches can be done by hand. Most of the time, metal roofs can be cleaned with the use of water and pressure. Even a traditional garden hose can get the job done right with regular ongoing maintenance.

If you require deep-cleaning solutions from stubborn stains that are located around different areas of your metal roof, you may want to turn to the pros. Hiring metal roofing contractors can help clean major stains with the proper solutions and treatments. A professional roofer can also assist in the removal of roof paint in some cases if you are thinking of repainting your entire metal roof altogether.

Your Fence

Taking care of the fence surrounding your home, garden, or anywhere in your yard is your responsibility as a homeowner. When you want to keep your fence from rotting, chipping, or rusting, depending on its material, you will need to clean it regularly. However, for major and deep cleaning treatments, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Oftentimes, it is possible to clean your own outdoor fence with the use of water. Pressure washing is one way to clean your fence even if you do not have experience in doing so. While for some individuals, making their own cleaners for wooden, metal, and plastic fences may be suitable, this is not always ideal. A good deal of DIY home cleaners for fences requires the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Instead of risking dangerous interactions with chemicals while cleaning your outdoor fence, you can also consider turning to a local fence service near you. Working with fencing contractors is a way to ensure that your fence is taken care of properly and professionally. Fence specialists will also know what methods to use to clean your fence based on the type of fencing you have installed on your property and the fence material used.

Taking time to familiarize yourself with extreme deep cleaning tips can help you to plan and prepare for your own major cleaning around the home. When you are able to create a cleaning plan of action ahead of time, you can optimize the time you spend taking care of each individual room throughout your house. The more familiar you are with various extreme deep cleaning tips, the easier it will be for you to set and accomplish your goals when it comes to maintaining a clean home year-round.

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