Are You in the Process of Looking for a New Home?

When you first started meeting with new home builders you had no idea that you would find your tribe. When you first starting looking you were hyper focused on finding a neighborhood that would be great for your daughters. You wanted a house in a great school district, if possible within walking distance to a neighborhood elementary. You wanted shared green common spaces that would allow long family walks and bike rides. You wanted a new home with low maintenance. It seemed like a long list, but in the end you were able to find exactly what you were looking for and more.

After about three weeks in the new house you realized that the all inclusive community was full of many other mothers like you. After the children were in school and the initial work around the house was complete you had plenty of free time on your hands. And while shopping is tempting, you really wanted to find a way to invest in yourself. This is how you ended up joining one of the neighborhood workout facilities. You were especially tempted by the number of classes offered in the yoga study.

New Home Builders Offer Many of the Best Amenities to Potential Buyers

As more and more families focus on finding a home in an all inclusive community it should come as no surprise that many of these neighborhoods also include very specific popular offerings, yoga being one of the most requested. The top three reasons people do yoga are the enjoyment of yoga itself, yoga’s impact on health, and yoga as a stress reliever. Finding a tribe who will join in these activities with you can be one of the most enjoyable parts of finding a great neighborhood.

Although 90% of Americans have heard of yoga, a number which is up from 70% in 2012, this practice in mostly enjoyed by females. In fact, 72% of yoga practitioners are women. As a way to stay both healthy and focused, it should come as no surprise that yoga Practitioners spent $5.8 billion in yoga classes in 2016, up from $2.5 billion in 2012. The next time that you find yourself looking for the perfect house for your family make sure you keep your eyes open for the tribe that you want to spend your time with.

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