Tips for Keeping Geese Off Your Lawn

Geese can be very messy and can even be aggressive at times, especially if they have babies with them. This is why they are not ideal creatures to have roaming your lawn. If you’re having a problem with geese on your property, there are multiple forms of geese removal you can perform. You can decide which you would prefer to use and test the effectiveness on your situation.

Geese Scare Tactics

One option is to scare geese away from your property. The idea is that geese are known for being very protective of their young and will not want to nest somewhere that doesn’t feel safe to them.

There are multiple ways you can scare them off your land. One is by hanging reflective objects near the water. They will cast moving shadows and lights when the sun reflects off them and spook the geese. Another choice is to use noise to frighten them. You can use a noise machine, an alarm tripped by movement, or barking dogs. Anything that will make a loud and disconcerting noise to send them in the other direction. You can also use decoy animals that the geese will not want to approach.

Whatever geese scare tactics you start with, it’s wise to rotate them out. You don’t want the geese to get comfortable with one method and end up back your yard in anyway.

Goose Repellent

Another option is to you a natural goose repellent that is gentle but effective. You can get liquid repellents that line your property and warn geese to stay away. This is a safe and eco friendly option that won’t be harmful to you, your pets, or even the geese. This is a great option for people who prefer a more human way to deal with geese or don’t want to hear all the sounds from noisy scare tactics.

Modify Your Landscape

A more complicated option is to add tall grasses and bushes along the water line. This will keep geese from entering onto your land. However, it can take more time to set up and make it more difficult for you and your family to access the water.

No More Messes

Goose repellent is generally the easiest and convenient method of getting rid of geese. Geese scare tactics require constant change and modifying your landscape takes quite a bit of extra work. Goose repellent can be laid by the company who sells it and you don’t have to worry about a thing. No matter what method you choose though, enjoy having no more messes left by geese in your lawn.

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