Finding the Proper Lighting for Home or Work is Easier Than Ever Before

Wall pack light fixture

To the general public, Thomas Edison is credited for bringing the light bulb into homes, offices, and all types of public buildings. There is no denying how the light bulb changed the way we live; the way we do just about everything. Even Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, finally relented and got lights put in so that the Cubs could host night games.

As time has gone by, we have seen the invention and implementation of different types of light bulbs all over the world. Fluorescent light bulbs were the standard for many years and functioned very well, delivering light to every room in which a lamp was installed. Now, LED lighting is the preferred method, lighting more cheaply and more efficiently our indoor lives as well as our outdoor lives.

Just looking at life expectancy shows that LED bulbs have been designed with longevity in mind. The average length of time a fluorescent bulb will last is around 20,000 hours. An LED light, on the other hand, will last for roughly 50,000 hours.

There are different types of LED lights to choose from. The corn light–aptly named for its corn-like appearance–is comprised of tiny, individual LED lights. Depending on the size of the bulb, there can be anywhere between 80 and 108 lights. The corn light can be used in floor lamps, wall sconces, and table lamps. A corn cob LED can have several rows of lights covering the bulb from all sides, depending on how large it is.

In today’s world, we are all looking for ways to conserve energy and make the most of the resources we have available to us. We also want to be responsible with our energy use. Choosing LED bulbs is a great start in that direction. LED roadway lighting, LED parking garage lighting, and LED warehouse lighting fixtures are only a few examples of how LED lighting is being used today. It provides 85% more light while using only 15% of the energy a standard halogen light uses.

In the late 1890s, Nikola Tesla demonstrated induction lighting in public lectures and papers. Soon after, he patented the system of light and power distribution that was based on his research and lectures. We are now finally coming to understand more fully what LED lighting can mean to our modern world.

LED lighting can initially be more expensive, though costs have been coming down in recent years. In the end, however, LED light bulbs such as the corn light will last long enough to make up for the expense several times over.

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