HVAC Services From Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacements to Home Weatherizing Tips


When you’re a homeowner, there’s quite a bit involved with keeping your house well-maintained. In addition to contacting a plumbing service to address those leaky faucets, you also want to make sure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) functions optimally. However, when you schedule regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs for these and other important issues, such as having your home well-insulated, you can focus on other more important things, like spending time with family and friends.

Does your home have any leaks? Were you aware that ten percent of the homes within the United States do? As a result, about 90 gallons of water may be wasted every day due to these easily-fixed leaks. Furthermore, when a plumbing service fixes these simple leaks, it can save roughly ten percent a year on water bills. Depending on the size of your household, this can add up and make a significant difference on your overall budget.

During winter months, some HVAC experts have reported that about 75% of the calls they receive are due to homeowners not having regular maintenance conducted on these systems. As a result, these homes are without heat. When HVAC systems don’t receive proper maintenance and repairs, they may shut down unexpectedly. While this can be remedied by changing filters and addressing any needed repairs on a regular basis, why end up without any heat during the winter? As you are well-aware, there are many areas within the United States where this could prove to be a health hazard.

According to the United States Department of Energy, when furnaces are adequately maintained, homeowners can save about $30.00 a month on their utility bills. This isn’t the case, however, with homeowners that don’t take care of basic maintenance needs, such as having their filters changed at least once within every three-month period. While it will depend on the area in which you live, as well as whether or not you have any four-legged family members in the house,Energystar.gov recommends this schedule for most types of HVAC systems.

Well-insulated homes, combined with HVAC systems that are working properly, can raise energy efficiency. When this isn’t the case, however, a home’s energy efficiency can be reduced by up to 30%. If your current system is more than ten or so years, and it isn’t performing up to par, it would be a good time to discuss the new energy-efficient models that are on the market.

Once you schedule a plumbing service to come to your home, they will be able to take care of those household leaks. They will also be able to address your HVAC system’s maintenance and repairs, along with and other existing issues. If your windows and doors aren’t well-seated or weatherized, and your attic isn’t fully insulated, you’ll be wasting precious heat, energy, and comfort. Just imagine how nice it will be to just relax at home during the winter months without worrying about your heater going on the fritz or other issues.

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