4 Reasons To Deal With Your Box Cutter Repair Needs

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if you own a house, you have to deal with gutters. If you own a home with box gutters, you know how much maintenance they need. Box gutter repair is a fact of the life for many people. There are a few things you know for sure and one is that if you have gutters, they will clog at some point. Here are some reasons to tend to your box gutter repair before it gets too bad.

Ways Your Clogged Gutters Can Do Damage To Your Home

  1. Your clogged gutters can make you sick. Clogged gutters can make you and your family sick. When your gutters clog, they leak moisture into your home. This can lead to the development of mold. All mold is dangerous to your health. The Environmental Protection Agency has said that all mold can cause health problems. This could be one reason for the increase in Asthma. It has climbed nearly 300% in the past two decades. If you need box gutter repair work done, this is the number on reason to tend to that. Over the past ten years, Farmer’s Insurance has reported more than 1,100 cases of mold related claims. Most chronic sinus ailments are caused by mold. The Mayo Clinic put out research showing that mold was the cause of 93% of these conditions.
  2. Clogged gutters can damage your roof. A lot of roofs are damaged by clogged gutters. Ignore your box gutter repair and you risk damaging your roof. This is the reason many roof companies require home owners to clean and maintain their gutters to qualify for a warranty. If you have a roof warranty and ignore your box gutter repair needs, you risk violating the terms of your warranty and then you will be on the hook for your costly roof repair. The water that backs up when your gutters are clogged damages the roof through rust.
  3. Clogged gutters can cause your basement to leak. This may seem counterintuitive but it makes a lot of sense. Your gutters are there to divert water away from your home but when they get clogged, the water pools around your foundation and can make it into your basement. In fact, the most common cause of basement leaks is from clogged gutters. This can be very damaging to your foundation. It is much easier to deal with box gutter repair than to install a new foundation on your home.
  4. They can create a fire hazard. The debris that is clogging up your gutters can be dry twigs and leaves and poses a risk for fire. This can be disastrous. This is one of the most preventable causes of fires. Properly clean your gutters regularly and you will not have to worry about the debris building up in your gutters.

If you do not want to handle the task of cleaning your gutters yourself, you can have a gutter cleaning service do it for you. It is much cheaper and easier to maintain clean gutters than wait for them to get all clogged up. if you have to deal with a gutter installation, make sure the downspout extensions are at least 1.8 meters from your home’s foundation. You will make no friends if you angle them toward your neighbor’s house. Point the towards your street of your yard. That way your home is protected as is your relationship with your neighbors and reputation on your street.

Needing box gutter repair is not the end of the world. Proper maintenance and cleaning can keep your gutters clear and your home healthy, safe and dry. There are a lot of things you cannot prevent from happening but you can properly maintain and clean your gutters so that they can cause you as little damage as possible to your home. This can prevent costly roof repair and headaches.


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