The Pest Control Process: 5 Tips to Prevent a Termite Infestation

We all know how termites can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home, right? These insects will chew on your wooden structures, plaster, and some soft metals. According to the US Department of Agriculture, termites damage approximately 600,000 homes in the U.S. annually. This is just one worrisome pest control fact.

Although you can’t prevent termites from swarming, you can prevent them from gaining access to your home by learning about pest control measures. You can purchase a pest control book online to equip yourself with valuable knowledge and practical strategies to combat termite infestations.

Dealing with massive infestations might prove overwhelming. Engage a company specializing in pest control services to help eliminate these destructive invaders. A terminator for insects understands termite behavior and can identify potential entry points and vulnerable areas in your home. The best thing is that you can easily book pest control online and schedule services in the comfort of your home.

That said, it’s prudent to inform yourself about termite prevention measures. This article will explore five tips to prevent termite manifestation in your home. Let’s dive in and learn practical solutions to eliminate these destructive invaders!

UPDATED 1/18/21

Home maintenance is the bane of every homeowner, as there always seems to be something that needs repair or replacement. While a crack in the driveway or loose shingle is an obvious sign of a future problem, there is one issue which can hide undetected until your home literally begins to fall apart: termites.

Termites are more prevalent the farther south you live, as they thrive on both heat and moisture. With that combination, it’s not much of a surprise to learn Florida is one of the top states for termite infestation. Homeowners must learn preventative measures in order to protect their homes against termites, as once they are in your home the only solution is to employ pest control services. Termites must be eliminated by professionals, as there is not a do-it-yourself pest control process that will eradicate termites.

Signs of Termites:

  1. Swarming insects that resemble winged ants
  2. Insect wings or debris that resembles sawdust
  3. Hollow sounding wood
  4. Mud tubes running up the foundation
  5. Distorted or cracked paint on wooden surfaces

Termites cause over $5 million in damages each year, so if you think they may have invaded your home it’s imperative you immediately contact a pest control company that specializes in termite control for homeowners. The pest control process for termites is quite complicated and cannot be done by homeowners.

If you don’t see any signs of termites, don’t ignore the possibility of an infestation. Take preventive measures, because the termite control process can?t be resolved over the counter bug killer. Make your home less appetizing to these stealthy invaders!

Tips to Deter Termites:

  1. Reduce moisture. Leaking pipes, AC units, and gutters can cause water to pool in and around your home; if you have a wet or damp area you should divert the water away from the foundation.
  2. Repair or replace damaged or rotten shingles, fascia, soffits, and other exterior parts of the house such as loose mortar and weatherstripping.
  3. Store firewood at least 20 feet from the house.
  4. Inspect the exterior of your home each season, looking for any signs of damage as well as mud-like tubes on the foundation.
  5. Maintain an 18 inch gap between the soil or grass and the wood portions of your home.

By knowing what to look for, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to termites as well as pest control in general. If you live in a termite prone state such as Florida, you may consider hiring a pest control company to do an annual inspection. Look for a business that specializes in the general household pest control process. As a final tip, a company that advertises as environmentally friendly may be more up to date on the latest methods of pest control with the least impact on our planet.

No one wants pests in their home but pests like termites are not only annoying, they can cause major damage to the structure of the home. Keeping this in mind, finding a great pest control company can help you to eradicate the pests and get your home back in great shape. When looking for advanced pest control near me you need to look for one that can help you to get your pests under control.

The first step is to realize you have an infestation and to realize when you should be looking for the best insect exterminator or the best professional bug spray or when you should call an exterminator. Pests like termites are not attracted to one thing or other so there is no real way you can prevent them by removing things, rather, it is essential to make sure your home is treated so that you are not going to have to worry about pests. No one wants to deal with termites and taking the time to read these tips might be able to help you prevent an infestation and get your home back and free of pests that might damage your home.

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