Resurfacing Can Make Your Bathtub New Again

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You don’t spend all that much time in your bath tub but when you do, it’s quality time. It’s time when you relax and unwind, wash away the day’s cares and worries and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day. If you have kids, the bath tub is where all kinds of adventures and games take place. That’s why it’s important to keep your bathtub shining clean, even if it is old. One way to keep your bathtub in top condition is to choose to resurface bathtub to get rid of grime, marks and rust.

Is it time for bathtub repair?

Over time, bathtubs pick up grime, discoloration, and rust spots that are very difficult to get rid of: water and soap leave a residue, and the use of harsh chemicals over time can leave bathroom surfaces worn, scratched, stained, discolored, and damaged. Bath tubs and bathroom tiles can crack and chip.

Chipped bathtubs and missing tiles are not only unsightly, they can also become a breeding ground for dirt and germs.

Why resurface your bathtub?

There are all kinds of reasons to get your bathtub resurfaced instead of buying a new one. Price is one consideration. In most cases, the cost of re-enameling bathtub is less than the cost of buying and installing a new bath tub.
Then there are considerations of design, matching the tub to the overall themes of the bathroom the home. You may have an antique clawfoot tub that you proudly show off to your friends and guests. Or you may not be ready to get rid of that super-sized jacuzzi with water jets and lots of room to enjoy a hot soak. In such cases, resurfacing will restore your bathtub to its original shine. And very often a resurface bathtub is easier to clean than when it was new.

How does tub refinishing work?

A resurfaced bathtub will have coating that looks like new. Cracks and blemishes will be removed, and the tub will regain its original smooth surface. The whole process of bathtub glazing generally takes around 3-4 hours and needs about 24 hours to be fully cured.

Resurfacing can also be used to give your bathtub a new color, and to do over an outdated look. A proper reglazing job is good for at least ten years. Bathtub resurfacing is a convenient alternative to a full scale remodel.

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