Our Room by Room Window Treatment Recommendations

The windows in your home play critical roles regardless of their location. The most essential of these roles is enhancing air circulation and leaving natural light in your home. This is why it becomes vital to ensure those parts of the building are always in good condition. Nonetheless, you must ensure you have the right blinds and curtains for your windows because you will need them during the night and when you are not at home. Many homeowners get it wrong when getting such covers, especially regarding bedroom and bathroom windows. That is why it is recommended to ensure you work with an expert to better understand bedroom blind ideas and other designs concerning your windows. It can also be confusing when buying bathroom blinds or curtains, especially when designing a new home.

Fortunately, the contractor you hire is better positioned to help you get the best bathroom blinds and shades. Such professionals have outstanding experience of window treatments, including dealing with bathroom window toppers. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home’s interior is well cared for. Finding experts to help you with the window treatment process has become easy of late, thanks to the internet and the online presences such experts have established.

Pergola awnings

When decorating a home, the devil is often in the details. You know you’ll have to lug the ancestral couch up three flights of stairs and install the coffee maker, but what about your window treatments, for example? We personally believe that awnings, curtains and drapery can make or break a home. In fact, we believe in the power of window treatments so much, we decided to go room by room and make suggestions:
1. Wood blinds for the living room. We love the idea of wood blinds first and foremost for their neutral brown color. Brown, much like olive green, tan, or gray, is a color that goes with almost anything and can be built upon with surrounding draperies. Wood blinds can also “stand alone” as a viable window treatment, having enough design presence to out-diva any curtain you could choose. Best of all, blinds are a cost effective option that allow for a lot of light control, which is important if you’re using your living room to entertain.
2. Shutters for the kitchen. We really can’t say it enough. We. Love. Shutters. In addition to their utilitarian purpose of keeping heat and energy in your home, shutters in the kitchen are both classy and rustic at the same time. To get the sophisticated Dutch kitchen vibe, we recommend wide paneled shutters that fold open with the horizontal handles in the center. Neutral colors, deep maroon, cheery yellow, or robust wood tones are always good choices, as they make people feel warm and cozy and get them thinking about food.
3. Drapes for the bathroom. Drapes are one of the most versitile window treatments and are usually used in bathrooms to conserve privacy. They come in a variety of lengths, textures, and patterns, but we really love to get bold and creative with our bathroom drapes and shower curtains. If possible, try to buy them together so that they compliment one another, and if you find pirate ship drapes, snap them up or forever be known as an insufferable square.
4. Blackout curtains for the bedroom. The key to the bedroom is two fold. First is obviously privacy — don’t give any Peeping Toms the chance. Second is light control. Nowadays, they make blackout curtains so opaque you’ll lose all track of the daylight hours. On a Saturday morning or when you need to catch that last hour of winks before work, this is essential. As far as color advice goes, obviously dark, but try to match with either your most commonly used duvet or your carpet.
If this has got your wheels turning, we encourage you to check out some window treatment showrooms online. It is highly likely that there are options you didn’t even know you needed.

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