Q What’s The Best Commercial Roof Type? A The Cool Roof

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When choosing the best roofing material for a residential roof, homeowners need to consider how the roof will match the design of their home, the limitations their Homeowners Association places on construction, and the durability of the material. But commercial buildings have a very different set of needs. Most importantly, business owners and building managers need the most cost-efficient commercial roof types. Plus, many commercial buildings have flat rooftops, and so the aesthetics of various commercial roof types are irrelevant to their needs.

In recent years, commercial roofing contractors say that of all commercial roof types, one is particularly in demand this year: the so-called “cool roof” for commercial buildings (and no, that doesn’t mean a roof that smokes cigarettes and doesn’t care what people think about it).

What is a cool roof? What does it do?

A cool roof refers to a set of commercial roof types that helps reflect heat. Anyone who’s ever tried to stand on a black or asphalt roof during the summer knows how quickly certain commercial roof types can become unbearably hot. And that’s not just an inconvenience. If the building also has an air conditioning system, then it will have to work twice as hard to cool down the people inside.

Will a cool roof really help save money?

Yes, it really will. That’s because in 2015, cost effective is synonymous with energy efficient. And energy-efficient commercial roof types, like cool roofs, can help lower the temperature of a building’s rooftop by as much as 50 degrees. That means the AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve the same temperature, leading to lower monthly electrical bills. Even if a building doesn’t have an air conditioning system, a cool roof helps cut down on heat absorption, lowering the temperature of the building overall.

How do cool roofs work? Can a commercial roofing company install a cool roof over an existing roof?

Typically, roofing and siding contractors would rather replace an old roof with a better one. Even so, reflective coatings and finishes can often be applied over existing commercial roof types.

How do I know if a cool roof is right for my building?

Cool roofs, reflective shingles, and heat-reflective coatings can be installed by most commercial roofing contractors. If you’re interested in installing energy-efficient commercial roof types atop your building, then start placing phone calls so you can compare quotes.

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