4 Reasons Why Water Aeration Is Good For You

Well water filter systems

You can live without a lot of things—water isn’t one of them. A healthy person can drink up to 48 cups of water a day. However, as much as people use water, we’re willing to put up with a lot of flaws that come with hard water. In a water-dependent world, a water aeration system should no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessity.

Would You Drink That?

Many people find themselves inadvertently drinking contaminates like sulfur, which produces a rotten egg taste and odor. Furthermore, it—and manganese, another contaminate—blackens fixtures and is corrosive. Untreated water can be seen as the norm; but under these circumstances, that norm can be potentially harmful to you and your house. No one should force themselves to drink hard water when pure water is a safer and affordable alternative.

It’s Not Just About Taste

Water is not simply used for drinking. It runs throughout many of your appliances, and is an important part of personal hygiene. Many people find themselves bathing in and drinking chlorine, which is not only harmful to the body, but appliances like hot water heaters, washing machines, and coffee makers. A water aeration system ensures that these appliances last much longer, and prevents health issues potentially caused by chlorine consumption.

Everyone Deserves Pure Water

If you get your water from a private or household well, you may think that water aeration is unnecessary. Unfortunately, well water is also susceptible to contamination from iron, sulfur, or manganese, and it often requires well water filtration. Similarly, city water filtration systems can also be found wanting, and shower water filters are often ineffective due to the extreme temperatures they deal with.

Luxury? Not Anymore!

More than 4 out of 10 Americans use a home water treatment unit, suggesting that the view of a water aeration system as luxurious is outdated and unnecessary. The idea of water purification being a “treat” is no different than viewing clean food as a treat. Clean water is a basic need, and will lead to a happier, healthier life.

Nobody wants to drink sulfur, iron, or any other kind of contaminate. Pure water is not a gift you give yourself on special occasions. It’s a part of taking care of yourself and your body, just like a healthy diet.

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