Water Filtration Systems Are the Way to Good Health

There?s not a soul on the planet that doesn?t need fresh water. Fresh water is so important, and yet is something we often take for granted in the United States. We use 346,000 million gallons of fresh water everyday in this country alone and have some of the cleanest water on the planet. At the […]

4 Reasons Why Water Aeration Is Good For You

You can live without a lot of things—water isn’t one of them. A healthy person can drink up to 48 cups of water a day. However, as much as people use water, we’re willing to put up with a lot of flaws that come with hard water. In a water-dependent world, a water aeration system […]

3 Things You Wish Weren’t In Your Drinking Water

Water; it’s arguably the most important resource in the world, even more so than gold or oil. A human being will not survive longer than three days with no water, and it is essential to stay hydrated in order for your body to function healthily (did you know that one healthy person can drink up […]