Shedding Light On Ancient Cooling Methods

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Just a few years ago, two-thirds of U.S. homes used air conditioning. Now, that figure is closer to 90%, according to The Washington Post. However, calling in air conditioning installation companies, air conditioning services, and AC repair personnel — believe it or not — may be a necessary measure. All over the world, temperatures are only going up, and air conditioning is a reasonable and convenient solution. Thankfully, air conditioners are becoming more energy efficient (a new, energy saving unit can reduce bills by 20 to 50%) and lasting longer (with careful AC maintenance units can last up to 12 years) as well.

The sharp increase in air conditioning also raises questions like, what did people do before air conditioning? Here are some of the ways people kept cool before air conditioning was a thing:

They Dug A Hole In The Ground

No… really. The Native Americans in Mesa Verde, vikings, and even ancient Japanese people simply dug a large hole in the ground to keep cool. “When a person is living in a hole in the ground, the earthen walls provide natural air conditioning in the summer and warmth in the winter,” Living Green Magazine explains. “This is due to the fact that once you get below the top layer of dirt, the temperature of the soil stays very constant throughout the year.” It’s a simple concept and one that is still partially in use today; that’s why wine cellars are always below ground level.

Water Is An Amazing Thing

In lieu of air conditioning and AC repair, ancient Romans used a relatively simple method to cool their homes. Wealthy Romans took advantage of ancient aqueducts. In addition to providing a source of clean drinking water, the structures also propelled cool water into pipes in certain structures’ walls. The cool water flowing through the pipes then lowered the temperature of the entire room.

Cooling has come a long way over the years. Whereas earthen, underground structures and cool water may have been enough at one time, the world’s rising temperatures make air conditioning a necessity today.

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