Four of the Most Attractive Fence Styles Around

Wood fence styles

One of the most important things homeowners need to consider when getting wood fences is the style of their soon-to-be wood fencing. Although these beautiful, traditional, house fences can work well with just about any type of house, the style of wood fences should blend in with the property they surround. Here are just a few of the possible choices out there.

Sloping Tops.

There are two types of wood fences with sloping tops. There’s the scalloped top, and the arched top. Scalloped topped wood fences have beams that slope downward between each fence post, while arched topped wood fences have beams that arch upwards between posts.

Lattice Tops.

Lattice topped wood fences are incredibly elegant looking. As the name implies, these wooden fences have a lattice work running along the top of the fence beams. These wooden fences are gorgeous, elegant, and tasteful. They work well in higher-end, more exclusive neighborhoods. Many homeowners often choose to have archways instead of gates with their lattice topped fence.

Basket Weave Tops.

Basket weave fences are really cool. These wooden fences have horizontal and vertical beams that overlap to — you guessed it — mimic the look of a basket. A new take on a classic looking fence, these wooden barriers are an aesthetically pleasing, interesting style of fence.

Horizontal Louvre.

Horizontal Louvre fences have beams that mimic the style of a Louvre door. Thanks to this inspiration, these fences are quite chic, and work well with simple styles. If you want something that’s different than the usual fence, but not something over the top, consider a horizontal Louvre style fence.

These are just a few of the different wood fence designs out there. If you have any questions about picking the style of wood fences, feel free to share in the comments.

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