Why to Use Solar Energy

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Using clean energy has become the center of more and more debate, among politicians, communities, and individuals. Recent attention to global warming and its effects on the environment, our natural resources, and our lives has made clean energy a much more prevalent issue as of late. Indeed, the installed capacity for solar photovoltaic power grew in leaps and bounds between 2008 and 2011, by 147.3%. Although hydropower and wind power have been presented as good alternate ways to produce energy that are limitless, solar power is emerging as the most popular, for many different reasons. In 2015, it’s predicted that the solar energy will make its one millionth installation.
Why Solar Energy’s Popularity Is Increasing

  • Limitless Potential

Unlike fossil fuels, there is a unlimited supply of solar energy available. It can be used for an infinite amount of time and is more environmentally friendly option. For example, generating one kW of power using solar panels can prevent huge amounts of finite resources from being used up. The mining of 150 pounds of coal, 300 pounds of carbon dioxide emission, and 105 gallons of water can be saved. Solar energy also is pollution-free, does not emit greenhouse gases, and reaches everywhere, so poorer areas can access energy.

  • Cost Effective Energy

Some solar panel installers are able to put in their items for less than $0.01 a watt. Since the push for clean energy has been growing, especially at local levels, many states have implemented incentives for having solar panel installers come and put in solar panels. The federal government supports similar incentives and can in many cases offer you a tax break or refund of some kind. It looks good for the government and is beneficial for you as well.

  • Low Impact

Solar power is fairly low impact, both aesthetically and maintenance-wise. While wind power especially has come up against complaints, solar power has had fewer problems. It doesn’t require a lot of space (unlike wind power) and doesn’t rely on geographic location (unlike hydropower). Solar panels can also be concealed easier-put on top of roofs or in backyards, unlike wind power, which people can see for miles. Solar panels are also fairly low maintenance and can last for up to 30 to 40 years, depending on the kind you get.
What Does Installing Solar Panels Involve?
In some cases, it might be easier for solar panel installers to come install solar panels for you, especially if they’re on a roof or another tall location. They can get the job done faster and more efficiently, since their work revolves around doing precisely this. The extra cost might be minimal if you compare the time and energy you spend doing it. They also will be able to tell you which solar panel system is right for you–anything from a fixed rack system, which could go on roof mounts, pole-top mounts, or be ground mounted solar panels, to a solar tracking system, which follows the sun for maximum energy.
As when buying any product, do get second opinions and price points from different solar panel installers. You want something that will maximize your efficiency in generating solar power. Join the growing global trend toward clean and efficient energy and keep your eyes out on the market, as new technology is developing every year that makes clean energy cheaper and more efficient.

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