Three Indoor Indicators There’s Something Wrong With Your Sewer System

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Signs that a home’s sewer lines are compromised, need cleaning, or need repair can appear almost anywhere. Though most people take their sewer systems for granted and don’t always pay a lot of attention to them, they can and do fail. Experts say that though the lifetime of sewer systems can vary, one over 40 years old probably needs replacing. Some indicators of the need for sewer line repair (like trenchless pipe bursting) are seen outdoors in the yard, but some can be seen inside as well.

1. Weird smells.
One major indicator of the need for sewer line cleaning or repair is a weird smell in the house. If you notice a musty or foul odor in your home, this could mean that there are issues with the plumbing system somewhere. Try to track down the source of the smell — it could be the toilet, sink drains, or the shower drain. If this is the case, your sewer system could need servicing and probably needs to be looked at by a professional.

2. Damp spots.
Another thing to watch out for inside your home when it comes to identifying the need for sewer line repair or replacement is damp spots. Damp spots anywhere in the home can point to a plumbing issue, which should be addressed as soon as possible. These issues could arise from an underlying problem with the sewer lines and sewer system overall.

3. Clogs and standing water.
Aside from damp spots and strange smells in the home, another hallmark of sewer line issues is clogged drains. Some clogs can be taken care of simply if there is just debris in the drain, but in more severe cases, this could point to a bigger problem in the sewer lines. If the lines have completely collapsed and you’re concerned about digging up your lawn, trenchless pipe bursting is a method of repair that doesn’t require digging trenches.

Have you seen any other indoor indicators of a damaged sewer system? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. See this link for more.

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