What Contractors Must Know About Construction Equipment Rentals

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When it comes to finishing a construction project, unexpected events can occur. Machinery might break down, or equipment could get damaged in an accident. These situations don’t even cover the chance of injury to workers while on the job. However, while there is no guarantee against human error, there are ways to deal with breakdowns — without having to stop production to wait for commercial equipment repairs.

These days, more contractors than ever are seeing the benefits of using a construction equipment rental service. These companies offer equipment at a moment’s notice and are being used more and more frequently by construction companies that need to get a job done. Here are just a few things you should know about what the best equipment rental companies have to offer:

    1. Rentals are becoming more common. An estimated 51% of all new machinery produced is thought to wind up in rental lots rather than on the sales floor. This is a huge advantage for contractors who may need to use an uncommon piece of equipment but don’t want to buy it. For instance, if a company needs a floor removal machine for just one or two days, they may have an easier time tracking down a rental than a machine for sale.

    2. Renting is a popular choice. More contractors today admit to using equipment rentals than ever before, whether out of convenience or necessity. It’s not just the availability that makes it easy. Renting is also popular because it can often be written off as a business expense, which can be a huge advantage come tax time.

    3. However, rentals still require proper certification. Above all, it’s important for everyone on a job site to stay safe around heavy machinery. For example, those who need to rent scissor lifts need to know how to use them and must have proper scissor lift training before using such machinery. Some rental companies may require you to provide proof of that scissor lift training to ensure that you and your employees will be safe. The same goes for other types of equipment, from forklifts to Bobcats.

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