The Top Three Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

Water proofing basements

Knowing that you need to bring in a foundation repair company to fix your home’s foundation is a great first step to protecting the investment that is your home. Because your home’s entire structure relies on the health of its foundation, you can’t afford to let your foundation’s condition worsen due to cracks or water damage.

However, not all foundation repair companies are as good as they should be — and by not doing your research, you could be cheating yourself out of the quality repair work you’re looking for.

Want to be sure you’re hiring the right people to fix your foundation? Before hiring just any foundation repair contractors to work on your home, be sure to ask them these three questions:

Do I even need a foundation repair right now?

In a surprising number of cases, your home’s foundation won’t actually need to be repaired. All homes naturally settle and shift over time, and minor cracks are a normal part of any foundation that’s a little older. However, if you’re looking to prevent water damage caused by frequent leaks in your basement, you can benefit immensely from getting a basement waterproofing procedure.

Are you fully licensed and insured to work in my state?

Several states require all foundation repair professionals to be licensed and insured; however, a number of repair companies still brand themselves as foundation repair experts without actually calling themselves foundation repair contractors. Know the difference, and never hire a company that isn’t licensed to perform this kind of work.

How much experience do you have with repairing foundations?

Ideally, you should be hiring a company that has several years’ experience with successful foundation repairs — and upon asking this question, your prospective contractors should be able to provide you with a detailed list outlining their previous work. When your house is the biggest investment you’ll make in your life, you can’t afford to damage it by hiring inexperienced or inadequate foundation repair contractors.

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