The Top Three Things You Never Learned About Wooden Veneers

Oak sheets

People always try to look beneath the surface of things, but how often do you consider the surface by itself? Here are three things you might not know about wooden veneers:

1. It’s a Common Furniture Addition

Oak sheets can commonly be found as exterior paneling on furniture, especially with pieces that were not influenced much by modernism. The furniture grade wood veneers are glued onto things like doors and cabinets to provide a bit of decoration with the paneling as well as a bit of extra protection to the structure underneath. Real wood veneer sheets are both stylish and functional, which is a rare combination these days!

2. It’s Also Used for Marquetry

Thin wood veneer sees a lot of use in decoration outside of simple paneling as well. The oak sheets are often cut stylistically into very specific patterns through marquetry. This can be anything from a collage to the patterns on some guitars. With this kind of decoration, sometimes the sum of the parts is greater than any one of them!

3. It’s Really Green!

Clearly not all veneers are green in the traditional sense, since that would really limit decoration for a lot of people, but they certainly are eco friendly! As a building material, wood is actually about seventy percent more efficient than other materials. In addition to that, using wood as a veneer allows you to stretch out any given piece of wood to cover a greater surface area since it is cut into thinner parts. You really get the most out of any given piece. What do you think about veneers?

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