Three Reasons Why Renting is Awesome

It’s that time again — time to pack up a move. Moving is a necessary evil it seems. Something we all have to do at one point or another but something we all dread. However, the decision to rent or buy a property has always sparked much debated. Following the economic and financial crisis of […]

5 Small Hardscaping Projects With Big Impacts

Over the last 40 years, nature-based recreation has decreased by 25%. What better way is there to encourage your family to get outside than to improve your own yard? If you’ve got an underutilized backyard and want to breathe life back into your outdoor living, you may want to go beyond basic landscaping and opt […]

Three Important Reasons to Install a Security Camera System

According to a 2013 CBS and New York Times poll, 78% of individuals support security camera usage in public places. This is because security cameras are an effective way to deter crime, and they even played a key role in identifying the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. This means that whether you want to protect your […]

10 Tips for More Efficient Heating and Cooling

A central heating and air conditioning system provides many advantages, including comfortable temperatures all year round. Medical studies even suggest that air conditioning and ventilation can even play a role in better health and lead to longer lives. Those advantages, however, don’t come without a cost. The average price of a central AC unit is […]

Four Ways Water Can Cause Devastating Damage to Your Home

Have you noticed that your basement leaks when it rains? Or that there are cracks in the walls of your basement? If so, your house is probably at risk for water damage that is caused when moisture and water seep into your foundation. But do you know just how much damage is taking place every […]