Make Your Move as Mellow as You Can Muster

Cost of moving

With all the stress and worry of moving, the last thing you need is to pile money concerns on top of everything. So you might start by comparing the cost of movers (full service movers, that is) to the cost of renting a truck and driving yourself. But the price quotes you get from either company may not accurately reflect the final bill. A helpful (albeit, somewhat depressing) rule of thumb is: You’ll know what it costs when it’s over.

Does this mean that you won’t be able to get upfront pricing from professional movers? Or that fine print in full service movers’ contracts will come back to bite you? Absolutely not. It does, however, mean that in every move, there are costs you didn’t expect. And those costs can continue to pop up even after you’ve gotten settled in your new home.

There will always be costs associated with your move that will not be affected by the choice of moving services. While either company can supply you with moving materials (boxes, hand trucks, blankets, etc.), you’ll still have to pay for them. In fact, many rental truck companies include the materials with the truck whether you need it or not — if during the move you decide to use them, you break a seal to open them, and you’re charged when you return the truck.

Similarly, your rental truck quote obviously won’t include gas, tolls, or hotel rooms if you’re moving long distance. Likewise, any cleaning supplies you buy are your own expense, as well as pizza you buy for those intrepid friends who showed up at 6:00 a.m. to lend a hand.

The other side of the coin is when you can actually reduce the quoted cost of movers. Professional movers will often charge less if you agree to pack, load, and unload your own boxes, while they move your large furniture and appliances and drive the truck to the new location. While this still won’t turn this method into the absolute cheapest way to move, it will provide you with some financial wiggle room when it comes to the ancillary costs.

Whichever method you choose, remember this: the cost of movers and moving services is only the centerpiece of your final bill. For as mellow a move as you can muster, be ready for the unexpected, and don’t let last-minute costs get you down. Visit here for more information:

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