Two Great Reasons to Start Using Solar Energy

Solar panel tracker

Did you know that more than eight million Quads of solar energy hit the earth each year? However, less than 1% of this energy is ever utilized. Fortunately, solar panel mounting systems give you the opportunity to harness and use this renewable energy, which is important because there are several beneficial reasons to install solar mountings.

– Environmentally-friendly. One of the main reasons to use solar panel mounting systems is that they are friendly to the environment. In fact, just one kW of solar power can prevent 150 pounds of coal from being mined. In addition, 35 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are saved each year because of solar mounting usage. Considering that the earth is running dangerously low on natural resources, such as coal, and carbon dioxide emission is a major contributor to global climate change, you are doing your part to save the earth by using solar energy.

– Cost-effective. It is an economical decision to install solar mountings. This is not only because it costs less than $2.00 to produce solar panels, but also because many U.S. states offer tax deductions for the use of solar energy. In addition, using solar energy will help significantly cut down on your electricity bills. Since the sun produces an infinite amount of energy, you will not have to spend hefty amounts of money on man-made energy that will eventually deplete the earth’s natural resources.

There are several important reasons to install solar mounting systems. Not only is solar energy friendly to the environment, but it is also cost-effective to utilize, as well. As a result, both you and the earth will benefit greatly by installing solar mounting systems.

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