When You Get Your Custom Home Built, Look for a Design Build Contractor

If you are interested in having a new house built for you, you may want to choose from among design and build construction companies to do the work. When you look at the design and build firms near me, ask about some of their past projects and how they went before you choose a company. You want one that will be able to manage problems well and that will do the job on a schedule that they can keep up with. No one wants to wait any longer than needed to get into their new home.

Many custom home builders will both design and build homes so that you only have to deal with one firm to get both done. And when a design and build firm does both, they will design things that they know they can build. You won’t have the company refuse the plans that have been drawn up. When you want your home design and construction project to go well, you can also look online at the reputation of the companies you are interested in. This can help you to know what to expect from their services. It also makes sure they have a good reputation locally.

Advantages of the design build process include having just one person that is responsible for the contract. This minimizes the risks involved for whoever owns the project. When you embark on a design build project, you will want to follow a simple checklist before you get into the really complicated one. If you have spent several months looking for a new home to buy, and you have not seen anything that fits your needs, then you know that the time has come to consider building a home just to your specifications. If you are considering either a custom home remodel, or a new home, you will want a new home construction checklist to help you with specifying architectural details.

Step One. Look into new home construction loans and new home construction plans. Failing to take care of either of these things could significantly hold up the project.

Step Two. Find a custom home builder, or specifically a design builder, who is willing to take on your project. Look for a builder with experience in the design build process, references, and one that can give you an exact price as opposed to a vague estimate.

Step Three. Monitor your new home construction checklist, which should include, but not be limited to the following items.

  1. Acquiring a building permit.
  2. House staking, land clearing, footings, and laying a foundation.
  3. Framing and roughing in the house, shingles, and siding.
  4. Installing flooring, Sheetrock, kitchen cabinets, and more.
  5. Finishing the home with a deck or porch, sidewalk, plumbing, electrical.

Your custom home builder will likely have an extensive checklist that they can share with you. Remember that a custom home build should serve to help you build your dream home. Managing and keeping track of the project via a new home construction checklist is a smart way to come closer to achieving that dream.

The Design Build Institute of America predicts 50% growth of design build homes by the year 2015. This process is popular for more than just residential homes, though. The design build delivery method was found to be used in 40% of non-residential construction projects in 2010. These jobs accounted for about $200 billion in construction, which is about double the volume over the previous four years. How will your next remodel, or custom home, be built? See this reference for more: www.arochadesignbuild.com

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