What the Life of a Generator Technician Looks Like

This YouTube video focuses on Jonathan Bailey. He’s a United States Marine veteran and a Prime Power employee. While he’s worked for the company since 2004, he didn’t get to know the business well until he started dealing with the fleet of generator specialists.

A Typical Day

Johnathan’s day can start as early as 2:30 a.m. His wife sometimes says his hours are just as bad as when he was in the Marines.

Video Source

When on-call, Johnathan needs to be available on a 24/7 basis to ensure a client’s generators are up and running.

During one call, he visited a location where three of five generators were running. Jonathan performed a reset to get all of them back up. Though the electric company said they would restore power not long after it went down, the generators ran well past dawn.

The Importance Of Maintenance

The above example is why Jonathan believes regular industrial generator service is so important. It’s not only to maintain power in an emergency. Industrial generator service is critical for everyday operations. Especially in situations where natural gas lines must be replaced.

In the end, Jonathan says that a company’s generators not coming up can result in a huge monetary loss. Sometimes it’s upward of a million dollars.


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