Pumping Your Septic Tank Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Useful Tips For The Beginning Homeowner

Septic tank pumping can be tricky to get the hang of. It’s not as easy as one-two-three, particularly if you’ve moved to a new place and everything seems different.

When should you pump your septic tank? How often should you pump throughout the month, especially for your family size? When you have more questions than answers, it never hurts to reach out to a septic tank repair professional in your area. They’ll be able to look at your tank from top-to-bottom, giving you a full review of what you need to do based on your lifestyle. This is much better than attempting to do it on your own and ending up with a messy clog.

Septic tank services are right around the corner. Before you call, look below at this simple list of tips to help you get started.

Did You Know?

You’re far from the only one scratching your head on the ins and outs of the septic tank. According to recent estimates, one-quarter of all homes in the United States use a septic system. On average, a single family home will generate as much as 70 gallons of water per person every day. Septic system repair is a useful tool for both experienced septic tank pumpers and newbies. They’ll be able to get you back up to speed in a single visit.

Figure Out The Limits Of Your Garbage Disposal

First things first on your goal to master the art of the septic tank? Learn about the limits of your garbage disposal. A garbage disposal alonoe has the ability to increase the amount of solids in your septic tank by 50%, increasing your risk for clogs exponentially. If you think this could become a problem in the future, take some time to hash out new rules on disposing food in the house. Using the trash might prove a smarter option if you want to pump your tank less.

Hash Out The Details Of Your Living Situation

It’s not just your garbage disposal you need to figure out. Your living situation will have a lot to say about the frequency of your pumping schedule. In general, a four person and two bedroom household will need a 1,000 gallon tank. That should be enough to hold two days worth of wastewater (which is also the amount of time it takes for solids to ‘settle’ out). As stated above, a single family home will go through dozens of gallons of water per day.

Double-Check Your State Laws For Clarity

Every homeowner needs to be aware of their state laws so they don’t step on any legal toes. The state of Illinois, for starters, requires all piping more than five feet from a building’s foundation used for moving wastewater be considered part of the septic system. Recent data from the EPA has found more than four billion gallons of wastewater is dispersed below the ground surface every day. Your septic service can walk you through the details of your state and clear things up. You’ve got more than enough resources to see this task through properly.

Repairing A Septic System Properly In 2020

It’s an old task with modern solutions. Learning how to pump your septic tank properly means being aware of your garbage disposal usage, the size of your household, and the volume of solids generated on a daily basis. It’s also important to be aware of how large your tank is. If you find yourself pumping a little too frequently, it might be time to swap out your current model for something larger. As stated above, a 1,000 gallon tank is a good minimum for a four person household.

Pump your septic tank right. Reach out to a septic tank treatment service this week and get this task off your mind.

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