Updating Your Home Here In The United States

If you’re a home owner here in the United States, it’s likely that you’ll want to renovate your home, at least to some extent, in the time that you own it. After all, up to two thirds of all home owners are currently in the process of planning a home renovation of some nature – […]

Explore the Practicality of Residential Lifts in Your Home

While having an elevator in your home may seem like an over-the-top luxury, a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that over 25% of homeowners in America felt residential lifts or elevators were highly desirable or even necessary. Residential lifts are not like the elevators you ride in large office […]

The Strengths Of Bamboo Flooring

What kind of flooring is objectively pleasing aesthetically, cost efficient, eco-friendly and high quality? If you answered bamboo, congratulations! While there isn’t a prize for answering correctly, you’re awarded with knowledge. First off, the flooring industry in the United States is growing, growing as well as properly maintained bamboo. Just last year, the flooring industry […]