Taking A Look At The Pest Control Industry Of The United States

Hiring a pest control service can be a daunting task. There are so many extermination companies out there, so how can you be sure you are hiring the right one? To get a better pest and termite control service, there are some questions you should ask any potential company before signing a contract.
First, you need to ask about the industrial pest control products they use and if they are safe for children and pets. You also need to inquire about the company’s experience with your specific type of infestation.
If you are dealing with bed bugs, for example, make sure the company has experience exterminating them. If you are considering working with new pest control companies, be sure to check out their online reviews. This will give you a good idea of what other customers have thought about their services.
At the end of the day, your decision to hire a particular pest control service should come down to a mix of price, reviews, and the answers to the questions you have asked. Pest control for home use is important, but so is finding a company you can trust.

From ground squirrel poison to ways to trap a gopher, there are many areas of expertise for the typical professional of the pest control industry. After all, pest control is incredibly necessary all throughout the United States, from the busiest of cities to the most rural of towns. Pests like squirrels and gophers and even rats can prove to be hugely destructive and they are not always safe for the average home owner to remove on their own. Fortunately, pest control services can step in to do the job as safely and as humanely as is possible.

For instance, ground squirrel poison is likely to only be used out of necessity, when other methods of pest control have already failed. Instead of ground squirrel poison, it’s far more likely that ground squirrel traps will be used to get rid of the pests instead. Pest control professionals typically know how to trap ground squirrels with relative ease, therefore negating the need for ground squirrel poison.

Aside from ground squirrels and the infrequent use of ground squirrel position, gopher trapping often becomes a necessity in many homes throughout the country as well. After all, yard damage from gophers can be quite severe, as gophers burrow and make tunnels. These tunnels, which provide their homes, can reach as many as 2,000 square feet – and typically no less than 200 square feet. Clearly, this can cause a lot of damage not only to a yard, but to even the foundation of a home, making gopher removal an absolute necessity for the vast majority of people who have a gopher problem.

In addition to this, a group of gophers will absolutely destroy the typical garden. In fact, a single lone gopher is known to eat up to 60% of their body weight on a daily basis, eating the vast majority of the vegetation that they come across. In many cases, this vegetation will be assorted crops and the like, but it can also contain flowers and other plant life as well. Roots, herbs, shrubs, and trees are also far from off limits, as the common gopher is certainly not picky. And as gophers can live for a few years, sometimes up to three in total, it’s ideal to deal with your gopher problem as soon as you notice that you have one in the first place.

Of course, you should never try to deal with a pest problem on your own. Animals can carry diseases and using things like ground squirrel poison can be dangerous if it is mishandled in any way. Such considerations will be especially important in households with young children or animals, as ground squirrel poison can prove harmful if ingested by either of the above, even deadly if not treated quickly. Instead, hiring a pest control professional can help to ensure that your pest problem is taken care of not only safely, but quickly and efficiently as well.

And the pest control industry is on the rise, at least here in the United States. In fact, it’s set to reach a total yearly revenue of nearly $13 billion by the time that we reach the year of 2020, which is now less than two full years away. In just the five years between the year of 2012 and the year of 2017, the pest control industry grew by an impressive more than 2.5%. In addition to this, more than 25,000 pest control businesses are currently thriving all throughout the country.

A pest control service will likely cost a good chunk of change, but most people consider it to be money well spent. After all, the presence of pests in your home is not only likely damaging to your home, but can even be dangerous. As many wild animals carry various diseases, coming into contact with them could easily get you and your family members – or your animals – sick, something that you of course want to avoid if at all possible. And as the typical home owner simply doesn’t have the tools needed to get rid of these pests, effective DIY pest removal isn’t going to be common.


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