Make Your House a Home With Smart Remodeling

Home improvement and repair is pretty standard for just about every homeowner. Indeed, in 2015, the amount spent on improvement and repair reached over $325 billion and just buying home improvement products was over $300 billion last year. However, when you’re undertaking home remodeling, you want to go in with a plan and make sure you’re working with the right people. Having good remodeling contractors and working with good remodeling companies can make all the difference. The design build matters, as does a company that can work within your budget and time frame, but still yield high quality results. And if you’ve got a total fixer-upper, you probably also want to think about where you should start — some projects will have a bigger return on investment than others, or be more critical to your overall quality of living.

What are the Advantages to Embarking on Home Remodeling?

Whether you plan to live out the rest of your days in your current home or you know you’ll be selling down the line, most homeowners do some kind of home remodeling. Unless your home is custom built, there are always some quirks or issues with every house. They might have worked for the previous owners, but you, as the new owner, aren’t a big fan. Or perhaps your roof is finally giving up the ghost or you’ve added a new member to your family and need extra space.

Ultimately, home remodeling will make your current living situation more pleasant — whether it’s a necessary element or one that you’ve just wanted for a long time — and depending on the remodel, will also give you a nice return on investment when you do go to sell.

What Should I Tackle First?
Deciding what to tackle first does depend on an array of factors. First: is there something that is pressing and needs to be done immediately? If there’s a faulty roof, for example, or your basement is leaky, that should be a top priority. After that, consider what will give you the greatest return on investment (especially if you’re remodeling to sell) or what will make your life easier. The United States Census Bureau reported that 30% of remodeling activity was concerned with major additions and alterations, 40% with minor additions and alterations, and 30% was simply routine maintenance and repair.

Bathrooms and kitchens are popular targets for home remodeling. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders reported in 2016 that over 80% of remodelers said kitchens were most commonly done over, and bathrooms were next at exactly 80%. After that, whole house renovations were the most common, and then the addition of extra rooms.

A good kitchen and good bathrooms can make a big difference — it seems like most people complain about their kitchen or one of their bathrooms, in terms of space or function. Inevitably, people gravitate towards the kitchen, and if you’re a big entertainer, having a space that’s both functional and welcoming is crucial.

How Do I Find a Good Remodeling Company?
Just like with most things in life, asking for referrals from friends, family, or colleagues is the best way to start. Anyone referred to you personally has done a good enough job that the person has both remembered them and been impressed enough to pass them along to you. That’s already a good sign.

You should ask, too, about how they deal with unexpected problems, and what their process looks like from start to finish. See if you can find reviews or testimonials of the business online as well, and if you can be in touch with prior customers, so much the better.

You should also know the scope and vision for your project, as well as a set budget, which can help inform the company you’re speaking with, as well gauge whether they can work within those parameters.

With the right business, home remodeling doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Get going towards the house of your dreams!

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