Do I Really Need To Replace My Windows?

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If you notice some top red flags that your windows are on their way out, you might be thinking, do I really need to spend the money on replacement windows, or can I just fix them up and leave them as they are. Maybe there is some way we can DIY these windows and find a solution without having to hire a window company to come in an fix then. While that might seem like a good solution in the short term, in the long run it might not be the best option. You can end up spending more money dealing with inefficient windows, than just paying window installation companies to come in and fix the issue.

Drafty windows can up your bills

Window installers know how to help with issues like drafting. Drafty windows can really up your utilities bill because your house may not be cooling or heating properly thanks to outside air that is seeping in. Windows that need to be replaced can actually boost your utilities bill 10-25%, which really adds up. If your utilities bill is creeping up, that’s one big sign that your windows need to be replaced. In fact, a big selling point for residential window replacement is just that: cutting costs and energy efficiency.

They’re warped and broken, which can be dangerous

Other signs that your windows might need to look into local window installation companies is that they are simply damaged or warped. While you might be able to find a short-term solution to fixing this issue, it might cost you more in the end. The price for a window installation is about $300-$700 per window, but if you save and have the window(s) replaced, you can save on energy and other costs later. Not to mention, broken windows can be dangerous and can also be an entryway for pests. Windows that are replaced can last up to 20 years when taken care of, so it’s an investment that will last you quite some time.

Natural disasters, like hurricanes, can cause windows to break. If you’ve just survived a hurricane or major storm, chances are you might need a window or two repaired. Especially in areas where hurricanes are prevalent, this can really help ensure that your home stays safer during major tropical storms and other natural disasters. No one wants to deal with flooring, or risking your roof caving in from pressure coming in from the windows.

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