3 Handheld Lawn Equipment for Your Yard

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Owning a yard is among the most important features of a home. Not only does it offer additional space for various outdoor activities, but it also enhances the general appearance of your house, especially a well-groomed yard. Statistics show that 83% of Americans consider that having a yard is important and 90% of those that agree think that it’s also important to maintain a yard. Although not everyone has the privilege of owning a back or front yard, it’s crucial that you understand the proper etiquette of mowing a lawn and the right machines and tools to use in that particular process.

It’s easy to detect a healthy lawn when you see one even from a distance. It has neatly trimmed edges and a smooth lush green grass that appears like a carpet. Perhaps your’s look something totally different, but are you impressed with its current state? If the answer no, then you really need to get your boots on the ground. Thinking of ways of improving it, and the best way to do that is by investing in quality handheld lawn equipment. Here are some great options to look at.

String Trimmers
Unlike lawn mowers, string trimmers are the new generation of lawn equipment that are both functional and flexible. A string trimmer is a simple machine that makes use of three important component, that is the handle, spinning head and plastic wine, which serves as the cutting edge. They are handheld and primarily powered using gas or electricity. If you have a big yard, it’s recommended to use a gas-powered string trimmer. This model is also effective cutting tall grass and stubborn weeds. Basically, string trimmers are perfect for trimming hard to reach areas like beds, fence posts, trees, and walkways.

An edger is another functional handheld lawn equipment that almost looks like a string trimmer. There are two types of edgers; the power edger, which features a vertical cutting edge, and the handheld edger that uses a half circle cutting heads. When it comes to lawn beautification, an edger can come a long way to ensure you have the best results. Apart from their portability and ergonomic design, they are also environmentally friendly with their low-emission engines. Edgers make the equipment to reclaim fine and precise lawn edges.

Blowers, rake or broom
Mowing your lawn isn’t an end to itself. You’ll still have to get rid of grass and leaves. To do that, you need a handheld lawn equipment that allows quickly and efficiently collection of those debris. You can either choose between an electrically powered blower or a gasoline model depending on your yard needs. There are other models of blowers that also function as vacuums. These ones suck grass and leave debris into a bag. However, blowers are not outrightly essential since tools like rakes, aerator and brooms can achieve the same desired results.

With this handheld lawn equipment, you can have a healthy looking yard and improve the appearance of your landscape. In fact, it’s estimated that landscaping potentially increases your home’s resale value by up to 14%.

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