Simple Tricks Keep Your Appliances Running Like Clockwork

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Think about this, there used to be a time in the past where if you needed to wash cloths or dishes, you had to to use your hands. While dishwashers and washing machines used to seem like a luxury, these days the have almost become a necessity. Dishwashers help us save water and energy by batching several dishes at once. They also help to maintain better sanitation than standard hand washing, because of their high heat. If you have ever lived in a building that did not have an attached laundry room, you easily know how important having a washing machine and dryer can be to your life. Washing machines not only clean your clothes better than hand washing, but they also are more efficient and help lower drying times.

Unfortunately, like any technology that has become a part of our common day life, people tend to take the amazing things our washing machines and dishwashers can do for granted. Just like a car or any other type of machinery, although not extremely advanced, dishwashers and washing machines, do require proper maintenance in order to function properly. It has been estimated that most washing machine repairs and dishwasher repairs could have been avoided if the proper precautions and maintenance was taken care of. By attending to several small things during the course of using your appliances you can ensure that you’ll have a lifetime of convenience.

Follow the Proper Directions of Dishwasher Operation

We all remember being told over and over again, that we need to listen and follow directions. Unfortunately as we get older, we tend to forget that instruction, especially when it comes to things that we believe are trivial, such as changing our moil, or rotating our mattress. The truth is that there is a reason for those little things, they help to extend the life of our products. Much is the same with your appliances. It is important to follow the operating instructions. When it comes to your dishwasher this means following the loading guidelines and the filter cleaning schedule. Much like a car, sometimes dishwashers need to have certain cleaning solvents put through the system for optimal operation, following these guidelines will ensure that your dishes are getting as clean as possible.

Caring For Your Washer

Washing machines are in many ways fairly simple machines. The very first only had a hand crank and a spinning basket. In many ways this type of construction has not really changed. There have just been more computerized and mechanical additions to the same idea. This means that caring for them is quite simple. In terms of your washing machine it’s important not to overload the basket, not only does this put extra strain on the mechanism, but it also leads to less efficient cleaning. It is also important from time to time to clean your washing machine. Because of standing water, washing machines can become prone to mildew if not taken care of appropriately. Many times running a cleaning load using white vinegar can help to to take care of any residual mustiness, also there are commercial cleaning products that can help to abate mildew as well.

Keeping Optimal Dryer Operation

In many ways the dryer is the one home appliance that can not bee easily replaced by manual means. If your washer fails, you can clean your clothes, albeit with more effort, in a sink basin. If your dishwasher fails, you can just use a sponge to clean your plates and cups. But if your dryer was to fail, what would you do? Put your pants in the oven? Put your socks in the microwave? There is no easy or quick way to dry clothes without a dryer, which makes it important to care for it properly so you don’t have to deal with dryer repairs. The simplest way to care for your dryer is to make sure you are not overloading the basket and to also clean the lint filter after every load. Full lint traps, not only lead to poor efficiency, but also can be the cause of fires as well.

Our appliances make our lives easier and more efficient, which is why it only hurts us when we neglect simple maintenance.

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