What Type of Roofing Materials are Best for a Commercial Building?

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As a business owner, you may have more control over the specifics of your office building. When you purchased your house, you probably looked for desired things, like bedrooms and kitchen size, but probably had little control over the type of roof or windows that came with the house. When you build your office building, however, you can request specifics. What types of roofing materials are best? What type of roof will last the longest? What is the best quality, yet most affordable window choice? Is the quality of your gutters important?

Choose a strong and durable roof The durability and strength of your roof is more important than the price. The roof is a safety feature on many buildings and will remain on the house for many years. Most commercial roofing materials are made with durability and strength in mind, but you will want to do your research to find which specific commercial roofing materials are best for your type of business.

When choosing your roof, keep the kind of work that your business does in mind. For example, if you will be running an industrial warehouse, you will want commercial roofing materials that are also flame resistant. Also, warehouses can be tough to heat, because they are so large. Choose commercial roofing materials that are made out of highly insulated materials. This will keep the heat in, keeping your products and employees warm.

Keep material design in mind Common trends of roofers is not the best decision method to go on when selecting a commercial roof. For example, asphalt can require reroofing ever 12 to 20 years, with the average age of roofing replaced in the U.S. being only 17 years. This is much too soon for businesses who do not want to spend the high costs of roof replacement every 12 to 20 years.

Recycled content is sometimes better and even more durable for commercial roofing companies. The recycled content of the steel in a metal roof is about 56% from production to installation to reuse, far superior to asphalt. Depending on your type of business and the specific type of work in the building, steel or metal roofs may be ideal. Even commercial roofing repair can get expensive and can lead to an earlier need for a full roof replacement.

Safe roofing Safety is, perhaps, the most important function when looking at commercial roof materials. In fact, durability was identified as the number one factor (by 88% of participants in a survey) when determining which new roof to purchase, followed closely by longevity (83%). Roofs that are more durable tend to be safer. You will be liable for the safety of your employees and any customers that frequent your store, making regular commercial roof inspections and repairs necessary.

Inspect other parts of the building often Other parts on the exterior of the building are required for a strong roof. The gutters and the windows all play an important part in a roof that is in great shape. As often as you check your roof, you should also have your gutter installation and windows checked. When installing new gutters along with your new roof, find ones that complement each other well. The gutters will need to provide great draining ability to keep excessive weight off of the commercial roof.

When you purchased your home, you were probably not very involved in the building process. One of the benefits of designing your own office or business space is that you can be involved in the build engineering process. You have a say in the type of materials that are used on the windows, gutters, and roof. Always keep safety, durability, and warmth in mind when choosing these important materials. Work with a trusted commercial roofing company who is familiar with your type of work and the weather conditions in your state.

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