Is Asbestos a House Guest in Your House

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Almost everyone has heard about asbestos, but not many people actually understand the severity of dealing with it and what precautionary measures it requires. Chances are that the through will never cross your mind until you are going through a home remodel for some reason. There are many reasons which warrant a renovation on your house including fire, flood and mother nature. Around 20% of all claims towards insurance involve some sort of water damage to a house, with flash flooding causing water damage ranging from ten to twenty feet high on walls. No matter what the reason is for your need for renovation, knowing whether or not you have asbestos in your house will be the difference between a safe renovation and one that needs to be made safe.

What is Asbestos

Asbestos is defined as a fibrous material which occurs naturally and can be highly toxic to individuals which inhale it. Asbestos testing is a procedure which should be done with caution to prevent others from breathing it in. Asbestos was widely used to develop buildings because of the way it resists heat. This means that many houses built in the late 19th century could have asbestos. Those looking for mold cleanup, interior water damage repair or house fire damage repair should be sure that there is not asbestos in their house before attempting the repairs on their own. When asbestos is believed to be in a house and repair needs to be done asbestos encapsulation is used to control any harmful fumes.

Why Not Remove Asbestos

Over the years it has been discovered that trying to remove asbestos has been more harmful to humans than asbestos encapsulation, or covering asbestos up. Once asbestos becomes disturbed it releases small toxins into the air. These small toxins quickly contaminate the air and everything that comes in contact with the air. Therefore it is best not to disturb asbestos but rather use asbestos encapsulation.

What is Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation involves sealing the asbestos in a protective shell. This protective shell eliminates that small toxins from becoming airborne. It is almost impossible to remove every bit of asbestos from a building, especially once it has been disturbed. For this reason asbestos encapsulation protects everyone involved. Small capsules have been made which serve the purpose of containing the asbestos without the need to demolish an entire building or habitat.

Risks Associated with Asbestos

There are many health risks associated with being exposed to asbestos even for short periods of time. These risks include lung cancer, asbestos disease which becomes fatal, emphysema, gastric cancer and mesothelioma. Whether you are exposed to low levels of asbestos or high levels you are just as much as risk of developing these symptoms or diseases. Those who own homes or businesses which are laced with asbestos should contain it with asbestos encapsulation as soon as they are able to, or as soon as they become aware of the situation.

Pipes and Materials

When thinking about asbestos many people only think of the inside of the house or building, but fail to think about the plumbing or pipes or the other materials involved. The truth is that if asbestos is in any of these materials they are not safe. They should not be maintained, but should be removed and replaced as soon as possible. They should be replaced with safe materials and piping, and this work should only be done by a qualified specialist who is familiar with asbestos and asbestos encapsulation

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional

There are many products on the market targeting individual consumers when it comes to asbestos encapsulation. This is not a job that should be attempted by a newbie or someone trying to attempt a do-it-yourself job. Make sure that the asbestos does not seep into the air while performing asbestos encapsulation, therefore it is best to leave this job to the trusted professionals.

Knowing what you are dealing with makes the job simpler from the start. Determine whether asbestos is a problem so you can be properly informed. If it is an issue determine the best and safest way to handle it before going any further.

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